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Get Netflix to Simulcast Anime Worldwide

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We have hear you about your complaints! Now it's about time to take action! Finally!

The main problem is that Netflix is holding it's anime they acquired to stream and it seems it not helping the anime industry.  Many anime fans don't want to get spoiled through and decided to pirate it because of that. I heard a lot of outcries time to time as it grown increasingly louder as they've gone after "bigger" titles like Little Witch Academia and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Simulcasts is the general standard for the hardcore anime market nowadays.  The lack of a simulcast harms discussion for their shows, and even worse makes a lot of people more likely to pirate stuff. We need to tell Netflix about on what how to stream anime better.

We really do not want future anime series that we have to wait to watch legally because of Netflix. As the new anime titles they acquire have been increase, we need Netflix to finally simulcast titles worldwide.

I'm surprised that there isn't one despite a lot of uproars and outcries. So I'm made on. I'm sorry for the lack and poor writing, but feel free to send a message to me on what to said and improve on this message. My email is


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