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As you know I already declared this petition as a victory when Superdrug chose me to feature on their latest campaign which is yet to be featured in any Superdrug stores. After a long thought process I decided to re-open the petition after seeing that L'Oréal are wanting to get male make-up counters into stores. This is completely not needed if brands just marketed properly.

I felt a fire in me last night to fight harder and better than before, this time I'm not giving up without a fight.

The beauty industry in England needs to be revolutionised, with just women being featured on make-up stands in British drugstores it is undiverse and old news.

We need men on make-up campaigns more than ever. To show equality, diversity and respect.

I have been fighting online and on the news for male models to be used as well as female models and I haven't gotten anywhere, so I thought I would start this petition to prove to these make-up brands that we want/need male models and how it will change our society, for the better.

It would bring down hate crime for men that wear make-up, it would make people feel more accepted, bring more respect between male customers and brands and let men know that them wearing make-up is okay and they shouldn't feel out of place for doing so.

It upsets me more than you can imagine to walk into a store, go down the make-up aisle and not see a male model in sight. It makes me feel unwanted, alienated and that I shouldn't be wearing make-up as a male.

Make-up brands in the UK really have the chance to change this society and the way people see it, with COVERGIRL trending worldwide by having James Charles as their first male spokesmodel England really need to catch up.

Myself and other men that wear make-up didn't get bullied in school, shouted at in the street or physically attacked to be so unrepresented.

Men in the beauty industry matter too.

Please help me revolutionise the beauty industry once and for all.

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