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get level 1 and level 2 sex offenders off the public registry now - repeal megan's law now.

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Anyone that has ever been harmed by a sex offender my upmost sympathies to you and your family. but the crime is over. the healing has started and you have an opportunity to move on with your life as long as you are willing to accept what happened and are willing to forgive the perpertrator and move on with your life. Passing five million laws against sex offenders will not make your misery disappear and will not give you a better life. Anyway the majority of sex crimes are done to young children by people who KNOW the victim, not a stranger. So since we cannot prevent people we know from interacting with our children we can only pay attention to who they spend a great deal of time with and if there is suspicion, pursue it. Thats it. Thats all you have to do. Now in terms of restricting where sex offenders live, where sex offenders work, how sex offenders spend their leisure time, this is no business for the Federal Govt. This is no business for the state govt. This is no business for the local govt. 1 person out of 300 million got abducted at a busstop by a sex offender. Im not actuarian but thats pretty good odds that it doesnt happen too often and should not be an area for concern. Next issue - most crimes to young children are done by people who have long established relationship to victim - this eliminates any necessity to pass laws protecting anyone from strangers. Bottomline - eliminate any all laws that determine where sex offenders live , since where they choose to live has little or no bearing on where they commit their crime. Eliminate any restrictions on where sex offenders can live, work, and enjoy their leisure time - since there does not exist a relationship between the two. Next issue - having sex with a 13, 14 or 15 yr old girl is not a violent or dangerous crime. Anyone convicted of any kind of sexual conduct with that age group should not be classified for anything .

There is no evidence collected by anybody that has determined that Megan's Law has accomplished anything. I am asking you to either collect the information and verify it does something or take it down. Punishing people that have already been punished is illegal and will not be tolerated in this country or elsewhere. The registry is punishment. Public notification is punishment. Double punishment will not be tolerated here or abroad. The laws regarding "public safety", public notification, and the public sex offender registry are criminal laws. They are not civil laws and they need to be taken down now. if you want to run this country like one big prison, then i would suggest that the only people on the public notification system including the info. at police stations and the internet be level 3 sex offenders and noone else. The only people that you have a right to restrict where they live, where they work, and where they spend their leisure time is level 3 sex offenders. Everybody else and I mean everybody else needs to be Excluded from these criminal laws and criminal requirements. Thank you. Most sex offenses are commited by new offenders so we don't have to harm and punish old offenders. 5.3% is the recidivism rate for sex offenders. that means 94.7% of all sex offenders are Non-dangerous, and Non-violent. Any laws passed against Non_dangerous people and Non-violent offenders needs to be taken down now!  I would suggest every sex offender get a re-assessment every five years and if he proves he or she is not dangerous they come off the registry. I also suggest we make registration requirements easy to follow, easy to understand, and easy to comply with. If they are not, then we need to take them down. Cori needs to be modified to ten years for any and all sex offenders. No questions asked. Change it now. I have met and talked with six different victims of sexual abuse. 4 were victims of step dads and 2 were victims of uncles. Sex with strangers is less than 15% of all sex crimes - so remove any and all laws that have anything to do with where a person lives, works, goes to school, or spends his leisure time since this will not impact 85% of all future sex crimes. We dont need to know where sex offenders live since the laws out there protect people from them and only the police need that information. I am sorry for the death of Megan Danka but the loss of her lfie might not have been prevented by Megan's Law. She might have been a victim of him anyway.


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