Get Id and Bethesda to give cosplayer credit for stolen design.

Get Id and Bethesda to give cosplayer credit for stolen design.

July 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alucard Capulet

Good morning everyone, 

I am Alucard Capulet, a cosplayer and costume maker known online as my handle "The Scarlet Impaler" (and yes, that is my legal name). Two years ago, Id and Bethesda released a Downloadable Content (DLC) for the video game DOOM Eternal that completely ripped off my costume design from 2012 and refused to give credit. I made a DOOM costume back in 2012 based on the original designs. However, because there was not a lot of reference material and official art for the original design, most of my costume was my own art and interpretation of the original design. Combined with my level of costume making skills back then, the final costume's design came out extremely unique and iconic for years. The DLC costume skin was called "Cosplay Slayer" and it was made entirely based off my design, down to my modified paintball helmet, cardboard armor, tactical knuckle gloves, and even my hairy arms. 

After the DLC was released, I have attempted to contact Bethesda and Id and got ignored. I posted all over social media and the DOOM community believes that I deserve credit. However, no solution has come from it. I tried to keep a campaign going, but unfortunately, life got in the way and was unable to continue. Now, after the two year mark, I am starting this new campaign to get what I deserve. It has been dream since childhood to be in a video game. Since 2020, my work and likeness is in DOOM, a favorite, the joy feels incomplete and hollow because I'm not getting the credit I deserve. Especially in an absolutely amazing game where I legitimately feel as though I am playing as myself. 

What I desire from this campaign is still the same - I want my name and credit in DOOM Eternal, and be officially recognized by Id and Bethesda for my work. As this is the honorable thing to do. I do not want any money, however, if I need to start asking, just to light a fire, I will. I would have wished to keep this as civil as possible, without lawyers. I hope this petition will create a favorable resolution, without resorting to the former. 

Now, anyone can claim their designs have been stolen, however, I have plenty of proof. Unfortunately, the armor has been lost, but I still have the helmet and my old Deviant Art depicts the costume project's creation to finish, along with convention pictures and cosplay photography. 

My helmet from 2012 compared to the Cosplay Slayer skin

The finished costume

Deviant Art account with costume progress and pictures

The original Reddit post 

This was the forum post on forums that are now gone, I thought it was available on the Wayback Machine, but I cannot get it working now...

Everyone I show this to has agreed that my work was stolen, the DOOM community has shown a lot of support, but Bethesda and Id still has not done the right thing. Since they released the Cosplay Slayer DLC, they have gave numerous fan art and costume/cosplay spotlights across social media and on their websites, but still ignored me. On top of which, a fan musician who had done fan covers of classic DOOM music got hired by Id and Bethesda to do music work for 'The Ancient Gods' DLC parts. Yet, I still have not gotten the simple credit I deserve. 

I call on Id and Bethesda to do the honorable and right thing by properly crediting me and putting my name into the game. In the upcoming future, I will be launching more social media campaigns, creating Youtube videos about the process of this on my channel - Scarlet Impaler, along with campaigning in person and in costume at conventions. My social media handle otherwise is @ScarletImpaler on Twitter and Instagram.

Please pass this along and I greatly appreciate the support. 

-Alucard Capulet "DOOM's Cosplay Slayer" 

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Signatures: 130Next Goal: 200
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