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Get House MD Streaming back on Netflix

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House M.D. is a show that millions of fans world wide enjoy. This show holds greater value than most other TV shows. For a streaming company, such as Netflix, this show holds more power and value than shows like "Lost" or "Prison Break". The reason behind that is simply because those shows hold their value in the unknown. Once, however, you already know what the plot is the show loses its value. This in turn makes it less valuable in the long-term. House M.D. on the other hand is a show that does not need the value of the unknown, but instead, relies on the value of lessons (which can be relearned) and humor, such as "Friends". These type of shows are great place holders for new TV shows in between seasons. Something that Netflix has been moving towards. Now, I have been a House M.D. fan since November 6th, 2007 when I first saw Season 4 Ep. 6 "Whatever it takes". Ever since that day I have watched every episode (of all 8 seasons) at least 4 times each and intend to continue to re-watch these episodes.  With this show being able to be streamed on Netflix, it makes my ability to continue this trend extremely convenient. However, that is no longer an option as Netflix has removed House from streaming. As Netflix does offer the show on DVD, it serves a much less convenience as this show does not need to be watched in order and making it very difficult to jump seasons when wanted. Other shows like "Lost" or "Prison Break" would much better serve a purpose on DVD as those types of shows rely on a "Start to Finish" theme. All in all I believe most House M.D. fans would more than agree with what I have written here if not more, and agree that House should be added back to streaming on Netflix. 

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