Get Hotel Longtime to change its derogatory name & remove prostitution references

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This is 2018. Unfortunately, it appears the trivialisation and mockery of the sexual exploitation of Asian women is still acceptable in some parts of the world. This leads to bias, discrimination, harassment (or worse) and damaging stereotypes.

Recently, a new "Asian gastropub" opened in Adelaide, South Australia, with the name Hotel Longtime. There is no other believable explanation for naming an Asian-themed bar like this other than to reference the commonplace saying: "Me so horny, me love you long time". Its most well-known reference is in the Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket, uttered by a young Vietnamese prostitute to American soldiers in a movie set during the Vietnam War. (Similar quotes appear in other films/books on the topic). It was supposed to be a sad, dark commentary on the sexual exploitation of desperate and impoverished Asian women in a war-torn country, by western soldiers. 

Unfortunately though, the quote was quickly taken out of context and used for tasteless jokes which actually oppress, demean, exoticise and disrespect Asian people and in particular Asian women. The origin may no longer be as easily relatable - but the fact that military occupation in Asia has resulted in a booming sex trade mainly supported by human trafficking, and a persisting perception and expectation that Asian women should be sexually subservient, is very much relevant.

To further emphasise the association, Hotel Longtime has also added a "Ping Pong Club Room" which one of the owners describes as a "gentleman's lodge". While ping pong itself is an innocuous sport, within the context of a bar with an Asian-prostitution-themed name, this again adds to the stereotypes of Asian strippers performing demeaning acts with ping pong balls for the entertainment of customers. Included in the decor are neon signs with love hearts and phrases such as "long time good time".

How this ever was considered a good idea, or how it was approved in planning stages, is beyond me. Whether the restaurateurs (one of whom is of Asian heritage, which does not make it ok - this is not a case of reclaiming the stereotype on behalf of a culture) are good people, have worked hard to build this, and cook delicious food is not the point. 

They can still be and do all that, and not have such a distasteful, degrading name which perpetuates a harmful stereotype as a result of which Asian people, and particularly Asian women, suffer on a daily basis - be it through sexual/racial harassment and abuse, discrimination, unconscious bias and lack of understanding. This is not a personal witch-hunt, but rather an opportunity to educate and make positive social change.

For the sake of respect for your fellow community members and those striving for equality, please sign this petition to ask the owners to change the name immediately, and retract any association of a "gentleman's lodge" to the ping pong element of the concept.

Thank you.