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Starbucks has decided to allow customers to carry loaded guns in their coffee shops around the country.

In reaction to several high-profile incidents involving customers marching with guns into Starbucks locations in Washington state, the company says it has decided to adopt a policy allowing people to carry guns in accordance with local law into any Starbucks location.

Rival chains, including Peet’s Coffee and Tea, have decided to ban guns in their stores for the sake of customer safety. Starbucks is legally allowed to ban guns in their stores but is choosing to allow them instead.

Tell Starbucks that you don’t want to worry about whether someone is carrying a gun when you order a latte. The company should be looking out for the safety of all customers rather than caving to pressure from over-zealous gun owners.

photo:  d'n'c

Letter to
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
I am writing to ask that Starbucks immediately ban customers from carrying guns in your stores. I go to Starbucks to enjoy a peaceful setting and I don’t think you should allow people carrying deadly weapons in any of your locations.

Other coffee chains, most notably Peet’s, have decided to protect the safety of all customers by banning guns completely in their stores. You could legally do the same thing but for some reason Starbucks is choosing to privilege the desire of a few gun owners over the demands of customers that want a gun-free coffee shop environment.

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