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Get Gay Marriage Legalized In Pennsylvania!

I'm guessing some of you who may know me know that I was Ployd-Reyes and was engaged for a while. Then I dropped the Reyes and fell in love with love and the more I think about it, that's the reason I'm fighting so hard. I want to be able to share with the gay community what I've been wanting for a long time. Someone to cuddle with at night, to take of you when you're sick, to not run away from the alter (lol), y'know someone to grow old with, and maybe have a couple kids. Whether you adopt, have a surrogate, have them with the artificial insemination or just naturally, we all deserve our rights, gay, straight, and transexual. And we all deserve to be with the one we love whether we want to marry them or just be with them. So please sign this petition so no one has to go through driving to a different country or state if they choose not to because nobody deserves to go through that. Because that's for the honeymoon. Thank you.

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