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Re-release Treasure Planet in theaters in 3D and in IMAX 3D!

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Treasure Planet is Ron Clements' and John Musker's greatest film that they have ever made for Disney! But it bombed at the box-office due to a lackluster advertising campaign and a poor release date, thus why so many people didn't bother to go see this masterpiece! Plus, the viral YouTube video from BREADSWORD called Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake (Over 2 million views and counting!) made it clear that the company possibly made the film fail on purpose as an excuse to abandon hand-drawn animation permanently in order to move on to making CG-animated films only so they can be as profitable as Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, because 2D animation at the time was considered to be "outdated", thus believing the reason why the 2D-only movies weren't as successful and popular as they used to be! We all know that it's unfair and a ridiculous accusation! Hand-drawn animation is better, more colorful and bright than CG animation in my opinion! That is a huge insult to the directors and the entire animation crew that brought this amazing film to life! Especially, considering that ever since that Ron & John started working at Disney Animation Studios in the 80s as part of the new team replacing Walt Disney's Nine Old Men, they always wanted to make TP. They first proposed it to Jeffery Katzenburg, who would then become the head of Dreamworks Animation and who's responsible for the demise of 2D animated movies, rejected it and made them work on The Little Mermaid instead. After they finished Little Mermaid and that it kicked off the amazing Disney Renaissance, when they proposed it again, they were forced to work on Aladdin. But when they proposed it for the third time, they were told that if they make Hercules and if that becomes a hit, they will finally be allowed to make their dream movie. And so, they agreed and that plan went just as they expected! So soon after completing Hercules, they immediately began to make TP. They spent four and a half years to make it a reality and the actual animation didn't start until the year 2000. With a budget of $140 million, it only ended up making $38 million nationally and $109 million world wide, making it one of Disney biggest financial flops ever. Which is an absolute shame because Treasure Planet has the best and most memorable cast of characters, story, writing, screenplay, dialogue, music, visuals, setting, animation, CG elements, and life lessons than any other animated film that came before and even after it! It didn't focus on romance as the main plot, it didn't have any musical numbers, it had a three-dimensional and highly complex antagonist, a realistic and relatable teenage hero, and some of the most unique and original technology and setting that could possibly beat Star Wars and give SW a run for it's money! Few animated films have those things and execute them so well to be honest! But because it did horrible in theaters 15 years ago, Disney gave it little to no attention while trying to not acknowledge it's existence as much as possible ever since and continues to give it the horrible treatment that it didn't deserve to this day! No merchandise, no daily posts from it's official Facebook page, and rarely any representation of it in Disney Parks around the world (the most it's ever gotten that I know of was in Tokyo Disneyland)! Money doesn't = quality! Audience reception is what really matters! The film has a huge fanbase for a reason! It's an awesome Disney classic! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I have had it with the company's neglectful and unfair treatment towards it! We need TP now more than ever before! Hollywood including Disney has officially reached it's lowest point when it comes to new, original, and high-quality films in recent years! All they care about nowadays is money and nothing else, meaning not what the fans and audiences actually think of them! They believe that making original films and films with mature and realistic themes and topics are too risky and would rather play them safe with cliche, unoriginal, and uninspired films when it comes to making them profitable and worth making franchise out of and supporting for! We must demand the company that TP deserves a second chance to become a big hit and a true Disney classic by re-releasing it in theaters in 3D and in IMAX 3D with a much better marketing campaign and a better release date when there's little to no competition! Because that way the fanbase will expand to much more legendary proportions than it is now! If Ron & John's other films like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog, and their latest film Moana can recieve the high amount of recognition and attention, why can't they do the same thing with TP? Let's show them that us, Disney and TP fans like me, really, really care about and want it so bad! So will you join me in the fight for justice for Treasure Planet and most importantly for Ron Clements and John Musker? Sidenote: This petition was conducted in response to John Musker's recent retirement from Disney Animation Studios after working there with his partner Ron for over 40 years. I'm really sad for him because I feel even though he was happy about his and Ron's experience and career at Disney, his and Ron's true happiness is unfortunately incomplete due to the company still not bothering to give TP, the film that they wanted to do the most and put the most heart and effort into, and of course, wanted to be a hit like the films they made that came before and after it, the recognition and attention that it truly deserved! However, Ron Clements is still working for Disney Animation. But I have no idea how long he'll be there before he retires, which concerns me. 

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