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Get Booba back

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Unfair and heart-broken story: I lost my cat end of March 2016. I have tried everything I could do to find him … after 4 months when everybody was saying he is dead, I kept hopping and continue digging on internet to find a clue …. Last Sunday I found randomly an old post from Pets Located with a pic of my cat saying they found him ! The announce was posted on the 24th of May 2016 … and has been deleted on the 5th of July 2016. Fortunately I was able to reach the owner of the post and asked her to call me back as I’m the owner and I’m looking for my car every single day for 4 months. The lady called me back saying Booba is alive, and safe. My heart almost stopped as it was so incredible ! I was so happy. But when I spontaneously asked her when can I pop in to pick him up, she told me I won’t because they have rehomed him around the 5th of July (20 days ago). I asked her how is it possible to rehome a chipped cat ? And especially why I haven't been informed when they found him 2 months ago?! Booba has a microchip, French one with all the up to date details … but the lady from RSPCA has said they weren’t able to read them…. They simply just gave up ! Because on my knowledge and after some searches, UK/FR vets, EuroChannel, Charities and community pets lover have confirmed everybody is able to reach the owner via the # microchip. The 3 first numbers can tell from which country the pet comes from and then you just need to reach the database (in France only there is only one called ICAD, and believe me they have National website, phone number, email adress and even Facebook..) So that's simple, they just haven't done their job. And when I asked them to reach the new family to explain them the true story they said they cannot because it’s a difficult situation as they will probably be attached now. But what is 20 days compared to 4 years ? I don’t understand how they can just say that to someone who is just so happy to have found her cat …. I have called as I saw Booba was registered on their database. They said they have my cat with my microchip #, but charities changed details/contacts for the new owner. How that is possible ? Change the owner details without my consent ? I reached the company in France who owns Booba's microchip, they have attested I’m still the owner and none of the charities have tried to reach them about Booba! Not too sure what to do … Charities are not helping and not trying to fix their mistake. They finally after few days arguing reached and asked the new family to choice if they want to give Booba back .... But family has said no. Even with the knowledge Booba has a family for 4 years and we were looking for him since the 18th of March (I asked Charity to forward a letter to them) ! They're cruel, selfish and just stealing my cat. Who would keep a cat when you know that ? Especially after only 20 days adoption ? I'm chocked. And my heart is one more time totally broken. Charities are hiding behind “data protection”, ignoring my calls/emails and refused to let me know who is the new family who refuses to give him back. One of the two charities who i'm arguing with even mentioned i should accept the end of the story and go to some Support Group for people who has lost their cat. How cruel and cynical is that ? I’ll do everything in my power to have Booba back at home. I hate unfair situation, especially when pets are in the middle. I won't give up. Please help me, share this unfair story ....   Today I found my cat after 4 months digging, Today I found him alive and safe, but today I cannot have him back. How crazy is that ? I thought Charities were here to help the original owner and pet to be reunited but I guess I was wrong ? Thanks to @cats Protection and  @RSPCA " to haven't done their job, thanks to the new family to be so awful, selfish, thief and cruel. Thanks all of you to break my heart a second time.  "Having a cat microchipped is undoubtedly the best way of proving ownership, so a stray cat should be scanned for a chip before rehoming is considered. Even if a cat has genuinely strayed far from home, has been taken in a by a new family and lived with them for many years, the original owner can still claim it back, if the microchip records show it belonged to them."

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