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Petitioning Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-foods Gerry Ritz

Ban the use of neonicotinoids on all crops grown in Canada

            Bees all around the world are disappearing in mass numbers, leaving behind nothing but their hives still laden with honey, and pollen stores. The sudden increase in their death rate has taken scientists and beekeepers by surprise. This recent phenomenon is also known as "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD). The very first reports of a sharp drop of bees appeared in the Eastern United States in 2006, in and around October. Although colony loss was predicted (especially during winter) the losses that occurred were usually high. American beekeepers reported that about 30 to 90 percent of their colonies disappeared. Since then, in 35 American States, 5 Canadian provinces, and several European countries, bee colonies have been disappearing

As our population grows so does our need of food. Farmers are forced to push aside their traditional methods of agriculture to settle for industrial farming. The methods of industrial farming have taken their toll and are unsustainable. The use of a particular insecticide on crops called “Neonicotinoid” introduced in the 1990s are linked to the honeybee collapse disorder.

This particular chemical harms the bee in many ways; physiologically, psychologically and the neurotoxic effect harming the simple ability to recognize a flower or nest location.

All these factors impact this organism’s ability to survive, and therefore causing any disruption can be harmful to their ability to pollinate (their job as an insect!)

Besides bee’s being useful for food productivity by pollination, they are also essential for many (if not all) ecosystems. Wild flowers need pollinators (such as the bee) to carry their gametes (sex cells) from plant to plant to reproduce more of it. The growth of many wild flowers is essential for animals that depend on them for food or even shelter. Without healthy abiotic and biotic factors, an ecosystem may begin to fall apart and eventually taking us (part of nature) to our last days of life. Bees are essential for keeping an ecosystem balanced by simply carrying pollen from one plant to another, a simple but important task that needs to be done.

The bees need your help today! So what can you do to help? : Join many others around the world, who want to help protect the bees by banning the toxic insecticide Neonicotinoid and promoting sustainable farming practices. The more people who sign this petition, the more we can influence the Canadian government; who can act to save the bees.




There once was a quote that said:  If bees were to become extinct the existence of humans would be of no more than 4 years after that; not credible but still shocking to even hear of such a calculation that may be close to reality. 




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