Pokemon Go in the Winona, MN Park

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Greetings fellow Pokemon Go players of Winona, MN. You may or may not be aware of the decision that the Winona City Council is looking to put forward this coming Monday, August 1st to ban Pokemon Go in the Veteran's Memorial Park.  In article posted by the Winona Daily News, the proposed idea is as follows, "prohibitions on hammocks and tents, sleeping and sunbathing, recreational activities and games (electronic or not), having pets in the area and playing music" ( If this proposal goes through, we will no longer we welcomed to this park to enjoy Pokemon Go nor will anyone be welcome to this park to participate in any recreational activity. The proposal came forward when many veterans saw the amount of people at the park and deemed it disrespectful for us to be there.  I would like to come forward and say that as a player, it is not our intentions to be disrespectful to this park.  I believe that Pokemon Go has created a great sense of community within Winona and at this park in particular.  Friendships are being made, people are gathering and talking to one another about the game and have a fun time out in the open enjoying the beauty that is Winona and this park.  I know of multiple who have come to visit this memorial park and observed and paid respect to those who sacrificed their lives on the battle field for their country, and the game overall has brought more traffic to the park for people to visit and see these grand monuments. It is also important for us as players at this park to most certainly respect it and from what I have seen we have been doing a very good job at cleaning up after ourselves and not desecrating this monuments, but we have to prove ourselves to the Council in order to continue to enjoy the game at this park. So if you would please sign this petition, forward it towards friends, families, fellow Pokemon Go players of Winona and also forward it towards the Winona City Council and Gerry Krage, whom is on the city council and is a veteran who supports this proposal, and show them that we do not intend to be disrespectful and by banning Pokemon Go at the Winona Veteran's Memorial Park would be detrimental and damaging to the community of Winona citizens who have been enjoying the game, and it would also bring less traffic and less people to see and pay their respect to these monuments and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the park in the first place. Thank you.

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