"My name is Sean Roberts, I am a nine year old boy from South Canterbury." "My dad, Grant Roberts was killed in an accident caused by a foreign driver."(a 20yr old Chinese National) "I would like to see a change, a test before they drive on our roads. I want to ask if there can be change and why can't they(foreign drivers) be made to set a test before driving in New Zealand" Nobody really deserves to go through what I have been through if things don't change people will keep getting hurt" Thankyou New Zealand. Sean Roberts (9) Come on New Zealand and support Sean in his appeal to seek a change in the regulations. Come On New Zealand Lets Make A Real Difference!!! Safer Roads, which we, as New Zealanders pay for with our taxes. Please sign Seans petition to Transport Minister, Gerry Brownlee

Letter to
Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Transport NZ
Seeking Law Reform on Foreign Drivers on New Zealand Roads