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Seeking Law Reform on Foreign Drivers on New Zealand Roads

"My name is Sean Roberts, I am a nine year old boy from South Canterbury." "My dad, Grant Roberts was killed in an accident caused by a foreign driver."(a 20yr old Chinese National) "I would like to see a change, a test before they drive on our roads. I want to ask if there can be change and why can't they(foreign drivers) be made to set a test before driving in New Zealand" Nobody really deserves to go through what I have been through if things don't change people will keep getting hurt" Thankyou New Zealand. Sean Roberts (9) Come on New Zealand and support Sean in his appeal to seek a change in the regulations. Come On New Zealand Lets Make A Real Difference!!! Safer Roads, which we, as New Zealanders pay for with our taxes. Please sign Seans petition to Transport Minister, Gerry Brownlee

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  • Transport Minister
    Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Transport NZ

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