Let team India into Germany

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PUBG Mobile has developed a very popular Esports scene within a short period. The Indian scene saw Soul dominate the Indian qualifiers of PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split LAN at Berlin, grabbing a spot directly into the Main Event. 

But, in one of his Youtube Live streams, Mortal explained the rejection of VISA by saying it is mostly because India does not have any authority backing up eSports. This is a true fact India does not have any support of any kind, neither from the society nor from the Government.

Tournaments like this help to generate awareness among people and motivate us gamers to actually do something and even give us hope that something good may also happen for us gamers too.

If we can "rise up" and buy someone's bathwater, we can also rise up for our fellow gamers. Let us join hands, not for the team, but for the upliftment of the whole gamer community.

Sign the petition to let our voices reach the government of India as well as Germany and let our gamers actually rise up.