Improve German Family Reunion VISA Process from Pakistan

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As skilled workers demand is growing in Germany there are many from Pakistan who are choosing Germany as their second home. But when it comes to taking family along, even after having all the required documents current process unreasonable delays the process for years depriving applicants from basic humanitarian right. Please sign the petition to help families be together who are apart just because German mission in Islamabad choose an inefficient path to process these visas.


German Family Reunion visa appointment waiting time is more than 5 months and visa processing time is exceeding 8 months now. 

Here are the few hurdles that are being faced by applicants. 

  • There are unnecessary roadblocks i-e Unlike other embassies German embassy is relying on Union council records and private detectives rather than more advanced and widely accepted NADRA records. Private detectives ask for bribes. 
  • No provision of filing a joint application with spouse's work visa unlike other countries in the region.
  • Appointment system is not handled by any third party i-e VFS Global etc thus its slow and inefficient resulting into appointments provided 5 months later.
  • There is no customer support. Applicant's cannot see what is going on with their applications. If we ask them via phone, email, fax or mail embassy staff don't reply.
  • Processing time goes for months. 
  • Embassy is charging 30,000 rupees for most poor and time consuming process apart from standard visa processing fee. 


By signing this petition we want German embassy in Islamabad to consider these changes to the system.

  •  Like all other embassies use NADRA issued certificates and rely on them rather than UC records. 
  • Joint application for worker visa should be introduced.
  • Out source appointment system or enhance your resources so that people should not be waiting more than 2-4 weeks for the appointment.
  • Applicants must know status of application or there must be dedicated resources for giving out status to applicants.
  • Embassy must make customer experience worth 30,000 + visa fee and must not exploit applicants.