DAYlight/cancer protection, food/medicine/radiation, human rights&right to life for Bruno

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DAYlight / cancer protection, food, medicine, radiation, doctor, human rights & right to life for Bruno Schillinger. Germany today – disabled were mistreated, tortured, executed!

Listen World, help that Bruno can spend his last days and death in freedom and dignity! Take Bruno home. Thank you.

Please support the right to life, human rights search for help, for Bruno Schillinger and the demand for public investigation of crimes against human rights, euthanasia, social & tax fraud, corruption (ICC / The Hague) by job center, authorities, politicians and German government.

Bruno needs medical treatment (DAYlight / cancer protection, radiation, heart, eyes, kidneys, diabetes / diabetic foot, jaw/screws, lungs, osteoporosis, thyroid, etc.), sufficient food / medicines and compliance with social legislation, Constitution, Human Rights, UN CRPD (German federal law) by Authorities and government. The malnutrition by government (political torture), caused severe jaw damages. By refusing medical treatment, he can no longer eat solid food. The officially caused eye / kidney damage (irreversible), have limited his remaining lifetime.

Authorities knew the eye problems since Sep. 2009 - the laboratory values for kidney damage since Jan. 2010 - the skin disease (no DAYlight) was written in own authority report (2005) – but there has been no help, nothing! Instead, blackmailing 'diabetes treatment at incapacitation' - 'go to church, they have money, they can donate' - 'why do you still live at all?! -, Asxxole -, 'deny of food, diabetes medicine by government, is neither attempt murder nor any other crime', etc. by authorities, justice, politicians. Bruno is completely isolated in a small room, in darkness, at the arbitrariness of bureauKrauts.

Please help, so that Bruno can spend his remaining, diagnosed lifetime and death in dignity, freedom. If possible grant asylum – all costs have to be reimbursed by his government.


After 12 years of struggle for truth, constitution, human rights, fair trial/handling, Bruno reached end of way and needs your support for his last two years.


Request Federal Chancellor Angela MERKEL (head of C.hristian D.emocratic U.nion party) & Prime Minister of Black Forest Winfried KRETSCHMANN (GREEN party) to help Bruno (injured by their party friends / authorities), to respect human rights, constitution, UN CRPD and social laws, to answer the crunch questions (Gretchenfragen) below, and that they act according human rights, constitution and oath of office. Finally start public investigation of this political persecution / torture, these crimes against human rights, by their party friends / authorities and own government.


Incredible? NO, everything is documented online (links below), incl. names and without any protest of the involved, informed, named persons. If only one comma were wrong, Bruno and us had been jailed years before. Therefore they wait for Bruno's death. Than German government can not yet openly act against the truth and the facts, as before in III. REICH. Not yet!


We sincerely thank you for your time and support - everything is helpful.


For simple, quick clarification, we have often asked these crunch questions (Gretchenfragen), but no one answered, everyone remain silent:

† Have you Chancellor MERKEL CDU / Black Forest Prime Minister KRETSCHMANN GREEN, etc. at Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstr. 1 79232 March/Germany acted according to Social Code (SGB), Federal Constitutional Court, Black Forest state Constitution, German Constitution, Human Rights, the UN CRPD (Federal Law) and your oath of office - Yes or No?

† Federal Chancellor MERKEL CDU / Minister President of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN GREEN, etc., do you acknowledge the oath of office, constitution, human rights and stand up for it - YES or NO?

† Chancellor MERKEL CDU / Minister President of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN GREEN, etc., on what legal basis (after May 8th 1945, 3rd REICH) do you deny a disabled human the right to live, let him be abused, tortured, executed, or die a wretched death, like in Nazi era? The images, documentation on websites (below) proof the crimes against human rights clearly.

Is your silence the fear of truth or fear to see your victim face to face or is the denial of human rights, constitution for people with disabilities actually legal again? The Black Forest state lawyer refused social laws, human rights with 'what should I do, if the KRETSCHMANN does nothing?'. MERKEL, KRETSCHMANN, Black/Blood Forest state parliament confirmed by doing nothing, that 'the refusal of food, diabetes treatment BY government is not attempted murder or another crime' (state lawyer) and allow name people with disabilities as 'Asxxoxe' in the government bureaus – like other humans in Nazi era were, certified as 'unworthy life'.


Bruno's wishes:

- Survive this political torture / euthanasia as long as possible and die in dignity and freedom!

- Food (note no solid food since 25/10/2016 due refusal of jaw/teeth surgery in general anesthesia – at last sufficient, healthy, without side effects = sugar-salt-lactose-free).

- jaw / dental surgery that he cam eat again

- medical treatment by his previous, familiar doctors (e.g., pain treatment of cervical spine injuries (exhausted).

- DAY light / cancer protection and above all the end of isolation in the dark, e.g. just open the shutters without skin burn for half an hour daily.

- granting of Constitution, human rights, UN CRPD and right to life.

- legal representation - often requested, but ignored / denied.

- fair handling / trial

- public investigation (ICC / The Hague), because German prosecutors refuse to pursue these offenses by automatic, illegal, setting of criminal complaints) - Bruno knows that he is dead, before there is an result, etc. of an investigation – but as in Nazi era, we have do set a sign and stand for right of life!


You want to support, help? Thank you, everything is helpful.

- We are trying to get his last time in dignity and these crimes against human rights are so publicly documented!

- We are still looking for supporters, e.g. live monitoring by phone, etc.

- Request Chancellor / CDU chairman MERKEL and Prime Minister of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN GREENs to stop their party friends / staff and grant social laws, the Constitution, human rights, and oath of office. (address data below)

- Request Black Forest/German MPs that they stand for Constitution, human rights and give aid, support! If MP send Chancellor MERKEL, Prime Minister of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN the 'crunch questions' as an 'official small request' (formal question) in the Black Forest/German parliament! This would immediately start aid and investigation, as well as ascertain whether Chancellor MERKEL, Prime Minister of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN will continue to stand up against own Constitution, human rights and oath of office.

- Who can find out, why the community of March mistreat their own citizens by Mayor/council?

- Legal investigation, even after his death. Murder does not expire! Bruno wants to found a foundation to support other victims and some of his supporter, if they are in need.

- Why this petition? From self defense and to the documentation of crimes against human rights!

- Asylum, if possible grant Bruno asylum, that he can spend his last days and death in freedom and dignity – all costs have to be reimbursed by his government. This will need some time, but this was the reason why Bruno didn't claim for welfare in UK, when re rescued his life in 2009. He said, this is not fair and no one could imagine in 2009, that the torture ends in extrajudicial execution.


Here is an overview of the previous 12 years! Reduced to these two sentence:

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." Voltaire

''Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal" Martin Luther King

A bit more detailed here - at the end of the text you will find definitions of mistreatment, torture, extralegal execution, corruption (by Federal Criminal Police Office), statutory extracts from the Social Code I (duty of consultation and information), criminal code, constitution, human rights, etc.


Updates: We will summarize your questions, suggestions and possible activities of the criminals against human rights as an update. But first of all the completion of this English edition has absolute priority.


All began when Bruno SCHILLINGER had to go at the job center of Black Forest after end of the temporary employment contract in May 2005. He had a permanent position start August 1st (full-time, permanent, IT area, by his former employer), but he lacked the money for the necessary relocation.

The Job Center hasn't given NO consultation, NO information, even though the employer had moved start to Sep. 1st . Job centre confirmed their official labor prevention in their own case report, including the skin disease (no daylight).After that, Bruno asked three times for clarification, the three written responses of the Job Center CEO were:

1.  ... the report is the basis for further cooperation ... ..

2. .... the report does not exist... .. (the order is actually true!)

3. .... further investigations would not help us ... ..

Then the terror began against Bruno. Further jobs were blocked by job center. Neither the CEO's of the Federal Agency for Labor, nor any other persons in authorities, politics or government had an interest of investigation in these dubious case, this waste of social money & taxes (just add the sums of unnecessarily paid social benefits since Aug. 2005 plus rent, plus health damage, plus early retirements, plus X) by their colleagues/government or to stop/investigate their corruption.

Besides two years later Bruno got information 'why didn't they inform you about a possible loan as you asked for? This was/is usual in every job center! If all fine, you started working, they pay relocation completely, according law!'.


In 2009, it escalated for the first time. Because Bruno did not want accept the 'advice - everything is discussed and clarified' of the job center director, about unknown clerk. Bruno required the written form and wanted to know when this was 'discussed, clarified' at all. Because Bruno had spoken the director last in early 2007(!).

For this reason, and because he continued to demand the investigation, his welfare (Hartz IV) and was stopped with a dubious pretext. The diabetic was without any food, health insurance. Bruno received the scornful, racist recommendation (in writing) to privately insure, which at the same time is the incitement to a criminal offense (fraud – NO money for life/food/rent is no money for insurance fees). At same time, the job center has launched his incapacitation and an expert witness stood in front of his door. She refused the incapacitation, because all deeds, crimes were clearly created by the authorities and gave the job center so a big slap. But Bruno still had no food, medicine, insurance. The new JC director (her predecessor got the usual, high paid early retirement) has chased him without any help, advice on the street. He was not even informed about the possibility and right to food vouchers. One year later Bruno was informed about food vouchers by third party. Besides, the conversation was recorded with her permission, but this proof is still ignored. The Social Court of Freiburg has supported all these crimes against human rights.

Former colleagues/clients have Bruno rescued and brought him to UK, where he survived with eye & kidney damage (irreparable). After his return, he received reproaches 'why did you come back, you would have got double welfare/Hartz 4 in UK'. At the beginning of September, he spoke again with deputy JC director HUBER and deputy director of the agency for work (Freiburg) GOURDIAL - still no help, no welfare, no food, no health insurance. Bruno mentioned the eye problems in this conversation - no help. In Dec. 2009 a politician phoned job center and suddenly ran welfare again - without the dubious demands. Six months later in 2010, the social court granted the denied payment and thereby confirmed the arbitrary refusal, torture of the job center. But it was too late for Bruno. In January 2010, the kidney damage was detected, the job center immediately received the copy of the laboratory values - no answer or help or investigation, until today!

When we discovered during the sue/lawsuit for welfare, that even the Social Court of Freiburg acted against social law, constitution, human rights and the Federal Constitutional Court, the highest court in Germany by rejecting the application for interim measures for the supply of food, diabetes treatment. The president of the court has been asked for clarification. Now was very quickly responded and the incapacitation started again. Same expert, but new target! The blackmail 'diabetes treatment at incapacitation' by Justice / authorities was repeated, etc. - anything to relieve her client / 'sugar daddy' (court)! It is, of course, difficult to get someone out of control if it is clearly proven that everything was caused by the authorities, including confirmation in own case reports. But the tried it again!

Besides would you transfer your right to self-determination, housing, health, etc. to a person established, paid for by the authorities, whose sole target is relieving the perpetrators in office by covering up? That makes no thinking person! Than authorities tried it again with fraud 'a caregiver reads to you, writes everything, etc.'. Bruno asked, 'WHY? According to medical treatment plan I could read/write all after 6 months again, if the treatment would begin plus new glasses – in meantime, a reading loud machine, etc. would be helpful - additionally, this is tax fraud and waste of welfare'. Such a caregiver get hundreds of EURO every month, more as Bruno has to live! The assigning of a lawyer has been frequently requested. But the authorities refused further aid, were breaking laws and lying, e.g. travel expenses to doctors 'must paid by health insurance' = lie! The health insurance company sent the information sheet, why they may not pay, by German law (SGB V §65) etc., but the authorities did noting. Same to skin disease: 'your health insurance must pay' - again a LIE! Since first health reform (2003) the payment by health insurance is no longer allowed. Before they reliable done for decades and Bruno was allowed 30 minutes daily (maximum) in daylight, enough for way to work and home. The travel expenses for the treatment of the damage caused by the malnutrition were denied with 'the dentist must come to you at home' for a surgery in general anesthesia in the bathroom! Just stupid or a crime? No travel costs = no irradiation therapy, pain treatment, etc.

Note: Bruno Schillinger never has and will never agree to an incapacitation


Bruno continued to seek help and found only racism, torture.

In district council he was called 'Asxxole' - by head of the 'starting point for people with disabilities' department, under laughter of his employees.

But MERKEL's party fellow / district administrator / lawyer STOERR-RITTER did nothing and confirmed that people with disabilities for CDU & government are 'Asxxole' was 'unworthy life' in NAZI slang! MERKEL provide their fellow party - KRETSCHMANN and his Black Forest governments as well – both command so this execution. The next escalation was the refusal of diabetes kidney drugs. Bruno must now survive with 261.- € reduced welfare/ month (food, telephone, ... ..) plus rent. Why? No information! Instead, illegal government claims such as 'your neighbors must read aloud', etc. - all against social laws and even the Federal Constitutional Court. But from the 261, - €, no travel expenses to doctors, or the necessary daylight / cancer protection can be paid. When we called this denial of life-threatening drugs a crime against human rights, his room was raided by police and emergency phone system destroyed. HOW? Very simple! MERKEL's party fellow STOERR-RITTER reported a complaint of insults (name refusal of vital medicine as crime against human rights, is an insult). A judge without any hearing or a factual examination (against guideline of the Federal Constitutional Court) gave order to raid his room and destroy the emergency call / speech recognition system (NO search in basement, attic) – Police cried 'sending help faxes must stopped'. Information: the computer phoned automatically help in case of suffocation, cough (noise sparked micro and PC automatically phoned other people), was deliberately ignored.

It is still unclear why it is an offense to deny the refusal of vital drugs to be a crime against human rights and at the same time, the judiciary still refuses the diabetes kidney drugs. There is only one thing: either housing assault, ill-treatment, euthanasia OR life-threatening medicines, human rights, AND at same time prosecution of the perpetrators / colleagues / criminals in authorities/government.


The foreseeable end by death?! A long and now ending story? 'Why do you still live at all?' (doctor Feb. 2013) 'your ship is sailed in five years by the kidney damage caused by government. Authorities / government were informed immediately - since than authorities / politicians wait to Bruno's last breath. Legalized in Black Forest authority: 'what should I do if the Kretschmann does nothing?'. The refusal of food, medication, medical treatment, investigation is, in our opinion, clearly a murder, an 'extrajudicial execution':

United Nations OHCHR (High Commissioner for Human Rights) / Geneva 'Any use of lethal force by state authorities, which are not justified on the right to life under provisions shall be considered as an extrajudicial execution ... .. "

Amnesty International Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience ... . (Besides, KRETSCHMANN is Anmesty International member)

Even police / justice wait for Bruno's death. The recording of complaints to the transcript was rejected by the village policeman with 'the prosecutor close everything automatically'. These are two criminal offenses in one sentence. But MERKEL, KRETSCHMANN, Black Forest ministers of justice & interior & welfare, etc. remain silent! Bruno and other constantly offered solution-oriented meeting 'all at one and all on same table' were ignored, refused with stupid statements like 'We do not have them (remark: competent staff), where should we take them from?' by district council.

Of course, community of March was directly asked for help to their citizen. Head of social services 'go to church, they have money they can donate' (also to others) - mayors, municipal council remain silent on these crimes against all laws. No one spoke to Bruno Schillinger personally or by phone.


Lawyers: A long topic. Qualified lawyers for social welfare are hard to find, want additional payments in addition to legal aid or reject welfare/Hartz IV recipients on their website or cried for hours (wasted work time) that they don't earn enough money with such cases. Far away, in city of Wermelskirchen, Bruno found a lawyer who wanted to become active in litigation assistance and described the legal procedure in detail - social legislation, then criminal code, constitution, human rights up to ICC/The Hague and European Court for Human Rights .

Later he found that he would have to act against the Ministers of the Interior / Welfare / Justice - all Socialists (SPD = Socialist Party of Germany) like lawyer too. So he suddenly demanded extra money, reappointment of the mandate and even the incapacitation 'so that I can work more easily'. Four weeks before, he had laughed at the attempted incapacitation by government, said that 'they were always trying to relieve themselves, but they did not make it, do not worry', and now he changed into the line of government. For us, a betrayal. But criminal complaints are all set automatically! This SPD cronyism had already proved the SPD District Councillor. She apparent activity unfolded, but concealed the fact that she is Deputy of controlling Welfare department in county council and had much more possibilities. Had she done her work, all was solved. But because she did not, the crimes against human rights continued. The perpetrators were confirmed in their crimes, so relieved and a little three-year-old boy, had to pay with his life. The little Alessio (THREE years) was under care of district office, when he was beaten to death. Paediatricians, university clinic had been claimed against parents, but nothing happened. Even after years of death nothing has changed. The county clerk had to pay a penalty (3-month salary). Because he had allegedly 'not' informed his colleagues / superiors. To all others, nothing happened! [Link District Council Alessio] but we recommend the coverage in the press / Google.


Prosecutor: No contact, no call! Officials are hushed up! This was/is written in every letter,

Further information, details for transcription, as long Bruno can speak!

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger only – 0049 (0)7665 930450 - Because he can't read currently (eye damage), by the abuse of the ARGE / welfare office / Social Court itself and we are not on site. The possible assistance (technical, etc.), is denied by public authorities!

This torture, extra judiciary execution is commanded by German chancellor MERKEL (CEO of CDU) and prime minister KRETSCHMANN (GREEN)! Murderer of Bruno Schillinger

Village policeman refuses to accept ads because 'the ads are automatically suspended'. = 2 offenses in 1 sentence. Federal General Prosecutor and Black Forest General Prosecutor are political officials and receive their instructions directly from government. This obviously repeats the same pretension as in the authorities 'What should I do if the KRETSCHMANN does nothing?'. Except that you can leave everything tries to Bruno die to deny his human rights = all are Official offenses and they had to investigate by law!


MEDICAL OFFICERS: In 2007 the medical officer of labor office, added a knee injury when he pushed the multi-operated knee jerkily and brutally aside, no investigation! Later medical officer of district office offered aid by phone call ('I've seen your case/pictures on websites') and did nothing. Bruno was later informed that the mdeical officer was only trying to cheat an appointment for a deliberate investigation. The officer had been very well informed about the health problems for months. But apparently he wanted fraudulently an inherent danger or even endangerment together tight to 'medical' to support incapacitation as ordered for the third time. What again failed because the authorities as a cause of conspiracy and Bruno asked for help again and again, and constitution and human rights.

Again: Bruno Schillinger never has and will never agree to an incapacitation

With his refusal to help, the doctor has committed further offenses (from personal injury to criminal punishment). He was repeatedly asked to intervene with the supervisory authorities / judiciary. All were informed, that e.g. the heart problems are familial and need medical treatment / monitoring. Ignored = sentence to death as unworthy life! The medical officer in prison also has the same 'qualifications'. He photographed the skin disease on first day, but gave no DAY light / cancer protection – has seen the teeth damages, no medical aid! But a medical officer who can not even perform a blood pressure measurement through a device is 'overqualified' as doctor, exactly he isn't a doctor/MD, even an medical officer. The device showed 219/150 and he immediately wanted to administer two tablets. Control measurement or read manual (Bruno has same device), he had apparently never heard in his 'medical' education. This 'doctor' is also responsible for the food in the prison. The guards 'we know his methods of examination, all are healthy', loudly laughing and said, that his 'treatments' paid as private charges by the state (a gold mine). For us, there is no longer a question about the qualifications of these 'doctors', who decide in all areas. Super-doctors or only a treatable confabulation of high-handedness? Therefore, no new photos of the health damages were published. Because they do not do anything anyway and are obviously happy about the aggravation of the health damage. Otherwise they would have long done their job.


Intimidation, torture against the truth! Penultimate dark light - torture prison! On March 21st 2016 17/00 the police rang the bell and took Bruno to jail, without any DAY light / cancer protection, despite information by village policemen. Why prison? We do not know until today. We only found out punishment for insulting 'who insulted the Pope, go to prison' (responsible clerk at court), but when, how, and so allegedly insulted, Bruno was never informed until today. Everything without any hearing and with ignoring the officially known, caused eye problems. Not even the prison director wanted to say why Bruno had to go to prison and he also ignored all health problems. The trick is very sneaky. The prosecutor's office issues a criminal order, presumably on political grounds. Because Bruno currently itself can not read and authorities refuse an 'Asxxole' medical treatment, technical help, the penalty will be legally binding. If there is no money, the police raid and bring you into jail. The local police knew eye and all other damages!

A more like transparent maneuver of political persecution. These sentences were written in every letter (often) because authorities deny all communication:

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger only – 0049 (0)7665 930450 - Because he can't read currently (eye damage), by the abuse of the ARGE / welfare office / Social Court itself and we are not on site. The possible assistance (technical, etc.), is denied by public authorities!

This torture, extra judiciary execution is commanded by German chancellor MERKEL (CEO of CDU) and prime minister KRETSCHMANN (GREEN)! Murderer of Bruno Schillinger

Further information, details for transcription, as long Bruno can speak!


And these eye problems are known / caused by authorities, ergo intentional deprivation = deprivation of liberty.

The responsible persons are silent. 90 days torture prison, no DAYlight/cancer protection, unhealthy & less food (lots of sugar for diabetes & lots of salt for kidney damage), no movement / no walk outside, 89 days in a 8 square meter cell insulated - no clock, radio, television = torture! Details (diary, eating plans, cell, house rules, and so on website). We asked the pope, his German nuncio (ambassador), bishops,…. Why they were insulted, what they did…. NO answer!


By the way, the local village policeman has sent his colleagues in this new arrest / kidnapping. Because previously had conducted a brutal intimidation. Then the police arrived Saturday morning on behalf of a job centre / CDU politician, and dragged Bruno to the prison. After hours of waiting, without water, medication, etc. in the hot car, he was sent away. Justification 'no arrest warrant, no prison'. But why then ever this imprisonment, deportation? Bruno was simply exposed, without water, food, diabetes heart medication, DAY light / cancer protection, money, mobile phone and had to go the 16 km home, where he arrived after over 5 hours completely dehydrated and burnt. Again no investigation of this arbitrariness, torture!


Last dark light: Since 25/10/2016, Bruno has been unable to chew anything through the jaw damages. But the requests for help, etc., is not even a responding. No call, nothing!


Address of Bruno SCHILLINGER human being, for direct support, information:


Bachstrasse 1

D-79232 March/Germany

ph +49(0)7665-930450 GMT+1


We thank you for your time, which you have taken to read. Bruno is looking forward to your help, support and stand up for human rights and democracy.


Here are some links:

Current page (German)

Torture jail - diary, food plans, etc. (German)

Where everything began (German)

AND (English)


Addresses of Bruno's torturer, executor, criminal against human rights


† German Chancellor & Chairwoman of Christian Democratic Union (CDU party) Mrs. Angela MERKEL


Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1

D-10557 Berlin - Fax: 030-18400-2357 †

C.hristlich D.emokratische U.nion


Klingelhoeferstrasse 8

D-10785 Berlin

Fax +49(0)30 - 220 70-111

Manifestos of her Christian party: '....The dignity of human - even of the unborn and the dying - is inviolable.....  Mrs. Merkel send this sentence in an @mail to Bruno!


† Prime Minister of Black (Blood) Forest Winfried KRETSCHMANN GREENs (diocesan, member of central comittee of Catholics/church choir / Domun Vitae / Amnesty International) & host of Pope & king marksman)

Staatsministerium / ministry of state Black Forest

Richard-Wagner-Strasse 15

D-70184 Stuttgart 

antechamber ph  +49(0)711-2153 -231 Fax -221 – switchboard ph  +49(0)711-2153-0 Fax  +49(0)711/2153-340

Manifesto of his Green party: ….'The focus of our policy of human being with his dignity and his freedom. The inviolability of human dignity is our starting point. It is the core of our vision of self-determination and advocacy for the weakest.'…


† Chief Federal Prosecutor Mr Peter FRANK

                                                                                branch office Leipzig

Brauerstraße 30                                                      Karl-Heine-Straße 12

D-76135 Karlsruhe                                                 D-04229 Leipzig

Ph  +49(0)721 - 81 91 0                                          ph  +49(0)341 48 73 70

Fax  +49(0)721 - 81 91 59 0                                    fax +49(0)341 48 73 79 7 †


† Attorney General Baden-Württemberg Dr. Uwe Schlosser

Stabelstr. 2

76133 Karlsruhe

Ph  +49(0)721 926 – 0 Fax   +49(0)721-926-5004

German prosecutor – are political officer: Definition: Political officials hold office for which that entity the enduring accordance with basic political views and aims of the government is needed. Note: The officials must follow the instructions of the supervisor / policy - these instructions must NOT be given in writing!


† Parliament of Black Forest / Landtag Baden-Wuerttemberg

Haus des Landtags

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 3

D-70173 Stuttgart

Ph. +49(0)711 2063 0   Fax +49(0)711 2063 299 (go to 'The state parliament – click  MPs' - .... they commanded/confirmed that 'denial of food, diabetes treatment THROUGH authorities is neither attempted murder or any other offense' ... ..)


† Federal Constitutional Court

president Mr. Andreas VOSSKUHLE vice Mr. Ferdinand KIRCHHOFF Schlossbezirk 3 D-76131 Karlsruhe fax 49(0)7219101-382


†Regional Council

President of Regional Council Mrs. Baerbel SCHAEFER

Regierungspraesidium Freiburg

Kaiser-Josef-Strasse 167 (Basler Hof)

79083 Freiburg i. Br.

fax +49(0)761-208-394200 – fax antechamber +49(0)761 208-1006


† Country council Black Forest / Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald (supervisory authority of the municipality of March & Jobcenter)

District administrator & CEO of Black Forest Tourist Information Mrs. Dorothea STOERR-RITTER (CDU) [Link County council] (her authority name disabled as 'asshole', deny aid, support, food, vital medicine (diabetes/kidneys), she commanded the raid to destroy emergency phone system by Police)

Country Council / Landratsamt Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

Stadtstrasse 2

D-79104 Freiburg

antechamber  +49(0)761-2187-8000 Fax -8001 - Zentrale ph  +49(0)761 2187-0 - Fax  +49(0)761 2187-9999 † (Service*Verwaltung – Landratsamt – Mitarbeiterverzeichnis)

Black Forest Tourist Information

Heinrich-von-Stephan-Strasse 8b

D-79100 Freiburg

switchboard T. +49(0)761 896460 Fax: +49(0)761 8964670


† Employment Office - Agentur für Arbeit Freiburg

Lehener Straße 77

D-79106 D-Freiburg

T  +49(0)761-2710-0 F  +49(0)761-2710-499)


† Jobcenter Black Forest / Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

CEO Mrs. Dagmar MANSER [seconded/supervised by country council - her profile]

Lehener Straße 77

D-79106 Freiburg

Antechamber ph  +49(0)761 20269-104

switchboard  +49(0)761 20269-100 F  +49(0)761-20269-190 -


† Municipality of March


head of social office Mrs. BODIN ('go to church, they have money, they can donate' = a crime against social laws, constitution, human rights, supported by mayor and council)

Am Felsenkeller 2–4

D-79232 March

ph  +49(0)7665-422-0 Fax  +49(0)7665-422-9099


† local mayor of March-Holzhausen - Bruno's neighbor

details see village of March or his party: (colorless, conservative, Christian, social - self-describing of citizen's initiative. According to German intelligence agency are these signal words for anti constitutional organizations).


Here is a selection of the definitions (abuse / torture / extralegal execution / white collar butcher/murderer, incl. corruption (Federal Criminal Authority)), legal extracts, ......

† Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of an entity, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit.[1] Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices; crimes, or other types of aggression.


† Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting physical or psychological pain on an organism in order to fulfill some desire of the torturer or compel some action from the victim. Torture, by definition, is a knowing and intentional act; deeds which unknowingly or negligently inflict pain without a specific intent to do so are not typically considered torture.                                   Both by Wikipedia

Remark: Bruno is to be further extorted, to waive the public investigation of these corruptions, this social tax fraud, etc.


† Extrajudicial executions

United Nations OHCHR (High Commissioner for Human Rights) / Geneva 'Any use of lethal force by state authorities, which are not justified on the right to life under provisions shall be considered as an extrajudicial execution ... .. "

Amnesty International Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience ... .


† Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (excerpts) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of ALL state authority…. The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world. ….. Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. These rights may be interfered with only pursuant to a law….


† State Constitution of Black Forest Baden-Wuerttemberg (excerpt)

Article 2a. 'No one shall be discriminated against because of his disability.'


† Human Rights (excerpts) ….All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. *** Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. *** Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. *** No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. *** No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


† UN CRPD Convention Rights for People with Disabilities (Federal Law) Access to Justice # Freedom from Torture or Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment # Health f) States Parties prevent the discriminatory withholding of health care or services or food and fluids due to disability.

† UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (excerpts)

·  Article 10 Right to life
States Parties reaffirm that every human being has the inherent right to life and shall take all necessary measures to ensure its effective enjoyment by persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others.

·  Article 11 Situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies
States Parties shall take, in accordance with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, all necessary measures to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risk, including situations of armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and the occurrence of natural disasters.

·  Article 12 Equal recognition before the law
1. States Parties reaffirm that persons with disabilities have the right to recognition everywhere as persons before the law…………………………

·  Article 13 Access to justice
1. States Parties shall ensure effective access to justice for persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others, including through the provision of procedural and age-appropriate accommodations, in order to facilitate their effective role as direct and indirect participants, including as witnesses, in all legal proceedings, including at investigative and other preliminary stages.

·  2. In order to help to ensure effective access to justice for persons with disabilities, States Parties shall promote appropriate training for those working in the field of administration of justice,

·  Article 15 Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
1. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his or her free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.
2. States Parties shall take all effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, from being subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

·  Article 17 Protecting the integrity of the person
Every person with disabilities has a right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity on an equal basis with others.

·  Article 25 Health
States Parties recognize that persons with disabilities have the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health without discrimination on the basis of disability. States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure access for persons with disabilities to health services that are gender-sensitive, including health related rehabilitation. In particular, States Parties shall:………………


German Social Code I §10 - §13 / 14/ff / § 65 *** § 10 participation of disabled people - people who are physically or mentally disabled, or threatened with such a disability have, regardless of the cause of disability to promote their self-determination and equal participation a right to assistance, which is needed to avert the 1st disability eliminate, mitigate, prevent their exacerbation or mitigate its effects, ............ § 13 The Enlightenment achievers, their associations and the other referred to in this Code of public associations of undertakings in its responsibility to educate the public about the rights and obligations under this Code. § 14 Advice Everyone is entitled to advice on their rights and obligations under this Code. Responsible for advice are the performers, which make up about the rights or the obligations are fulfilled. § 65 Limitations of Participation (1) The obligation to cooperate in accordance with §§ 60 to 64 does not exist insofar as 1. their fulfillment is not proportionate to the social benefits claimed or their reimbursement or 2. their fulfillment to the person concerned An important reason can not be expected, or 3. the service provider can procure the required knowledge himself through a lower effort than the applicant or the right to benefit. Here, Bruno Schillinger fulfills both point 2 (by his skin disease he can not enter into the sunlight) as well as point 3.


† Information to German authority = Nazi desk butchers: At the beginning of the 20th century and also in the Weimar Republic, German officialdom predominantly had a conservative attitude. During the period of national socialism, the state rulings of most of the civil servants had a regime-preserving effect, since even criminal measures, if they were merely formalistically correct, were borne or at least tolerated by a multitude of so-called Schreibtischtaeter = desk slaughterer.


† Corruption (from the Latin Corruptus, bribed) in the legal sense is the abuse of a trust in a function in administration, justice, economics, politics or even in non-economic associations or organizations (eg foundations) An intangible advantage to which no legitimate claim exists.

† Corruption refers to corruptibility, bribery, presumption of benefits and the granting of benefits.

† Corruption (definition by the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) = Federal Criminal Police Office) The BKA refers to criminal research, according to which "corruption" is to be understood as "misuse of a public office, a function in the economy or a political mandate in favor of another, on its initiative or self initiative Obtaining an advantage for himself or a third party, with or without the occurrence of a loss or disadvantage to the general public (in official or political capacity) or to a company (concerning perpetrators as economic operators)


† Oath of office of German Chancellor / Federal Minister according Constitution: "I swear that I will devote my strength to the good of the German people, increase its usefulness, harm him, defend and defend the constitution and the laws of the covenant, fulfill my duties conscientiously, and exercise justice against everyone. (As God will help me.) "


† Prime Minister of Black Forest KRETSCHMANN act against Black Forest state constitution: Article 2a: No person shall be disfavoured because of disability.

† Oath of Office - Article 48 Members of the Government shall perform an official act before the state parliament/Landtag. He says, "I swear that I will devote my strength to the good of the people, increase its usefulness, harm him, defend and defend the constitution and justice, conscientiously fulfill my duties, and exercise righteousness against everyone. "

† Article 77 (2) All public servants are trustees and servants of the entire people.

† Article 78 Each official shall perform the following oath: "I swear that I shall lead my office to the best of my knowledge and ability, respect and defend the constitution and the right, and shall exercise justice against all men."


† Plus Federal Office of Public Prosecution (BBG) § 63 Responsibility for legality

(Federal Law Gazette I, p. 160), (1) Civil servants have full personal responsibility for the legality of their duties.

† Federal Labor Court ......... 27 aa) Officials are subject to increased political loyalty. This calls for its willingness to deal with the idea of the state, ie. Its liberal, democratic, legal and social-state order, and to take an active part in it.

† Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG): ... .state/civil servants have therefore to dissociate themselves from groups and aspirations, which attack the state, its constitutional organs and the current constitutional order, and defame it ... ERGO: thus also from their own superiors!


§ 274 Suppression of documents

(1) A prison sentence of up to five years or a fine will be imposed on anyone who

. 1.    a certificate or a technical recording, which are either not at all or not exclusively belongs to him, inflicting the intention, another disadvantage, destroyed, damaged or suppressed,

. 2    legally relevant data (§ 202a para. 2), of which he must not only have not or to inflict with the intention of another drawback, deletes, suppresses, renders unusable or changed or

. 3    a landmark or another to designate a boundary or a water level particular feature with the intention of inflicting another disadvantage, take away, destroyed, defaced makes, crazy or falsely sets.

(2) The attempt is punishable.

Note: Interesting for all those whose records were 'lost' in Job center, etc.!


§ 129a formation of terrorist organizations (excerpts)

 (1) Whoever establishes an association whose aims or activities are directed

1. Murder or manslaughter or genocide or crimes against humanity (§ 7 of the International Criminal Code), or war crimes or

2. crimes against personal freedom in the cases of § 239a or § 239b

committing, or who participates in such an association as a member, shall be punished with imprisonment from one year to ten years.

(2) is also imposed on anyone who establishes an association whose aims or activities are directed to 1. another person serious bodily or mental harm, especially of the species inflicting designated in § 226, ............

† § Section 340 Causing bodily harm while exercising a public office

(1) A public official who in the exercise of his duties causes bodily harm or allows it to be caused shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years. In less serious cases the penalty shall be imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine. (2) The attempt shall be punishable. ………

† § Section 344 Intentionally or knowingly prosecuting innocent persons

(1) Whosoever as a public official involved in a criminal proceeding other than a proceeding to order a non-custodial measure (section 11(1) No 8) intentionally or knowingly criminally prosecutes an innocent person or someone who otherwise may not by law be criminally prosecuted or makes efforts to bring about such a prosecution shall be liable to imprisonment from one to ten years, in less serious cases to imprisonment from three months to five years. The 1st sentence above shall apply mutatis mutandis to a public official involved in a proceeding for the purpose of detention by a public authority.

(2) Whosoever as a public official involved in a proceeding to order a non-custodial measure (section 11(1) No 8) intentionally or knowingly criminally prosecutes someone who may not by law be prosecuted or makes efforts to bring about such a prosecution shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years. The 1st sentence above shall apply mutatis mutandis to a public official involved in 1. a proceeding to impose a summary fine; or 2. a disciplinary proceeding, disciplinary court or professional disciplinary court proceeding.

The attempt shall be punishable.

† § Section 336 Omission of an official act - The omission to act shall be equivalent to the performance of an official act or a judicial act within the meaning of sections 331 to 335.


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