Justice For Anaiah Walker - Gerber Death Claim Denied for PCOS

Justice For Anaiah Walker - Gerber Death Claim Denied for PCOS

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My name is Sherika Rhymes.  My family and I have resided in Phoenix, Arizona for nearly 9 years.  My youngest daughter Anaiah Walker was a teen that had experienced some very traumatic issues.  Since the age of 13.  In December 2017 she was court ordered and placed in a group home settings for conduct behaviors.

The following year, in April of 2018 she and another teen decided to runaway from that group home placement.  Unfortunately, both girls were held against their will and sex trafficked on backpage.com and forced to sell drugs.  As a result, my daughter became very afraid traumatized and withdrawn.   She continued to runaway out of fear and anxiety.

In May of 2019, I started a life insurance policy with Gerber Life Insurance to insure, my life, my eldest daughter's life, and also my youngest daughter Anaiah's life.  I had also just made a job change and my employer only had life insurance available to myself as an employee at the time.  My decision to cover my family was made for security and a peace of mind.

In December of 2019, my daughter Anaiah was court ordered to reside in a treatment center, in Scottsdale, AZ.  Specifically, one she couldn't run from, and that was designed to counsel and assist sex trafficked teens.  The treatment center took Anaiah on a trip to Skate land.  Where she ran away from as well.  I never seen or heard from my daughter alive again.  In January of 2020 my family was notified that my daughter Anaiah was in the San Bernardino area and that she had been arrested in my eldest's daughter's name with no ID.  San Bernardino jail held her for nearly 24 hours.  Before releasing her without verifying her identity or waiting on fingerprint results to come back. 

On June 3rd 2020 Buckeye, AZ police department notified me that my daughter Anaiah Walker had been found dead on interstate I-10, with no shoes, no phone, no personal items at all.  She had been found on May 22nd.  However, her body was so badly decomposed that they did not identify her until June 3rd. 

As any parent would, I've been grieving tremendously.  All my worst fears have come true. This is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to us.  We have so many questions, and to add an insult to our injuries.  Gerber Life Insurance has denied to pay Anaiah's death claim.  Citing that they would’ve have never covered her life in a policy had they known she had polycystic ovarian syndrome. Basically, irregular menstrual bleeding. Which I never knew about because, Anaiah was seen and diagnosed with this from a group home treatment and while incarcerated.

Basically, Gerber's position is; the policy wouldn't have ever been issued if they had known about the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and that I wasn’t truthful, on the application and that makes the policy void.

I never knew about the PCOS to disclose it.  Arizona State law allows a minor to seek treatment for a sexually-transmitted disease (ARS 44-132.01) or for substance abuse (ARS 44-133.01) without parental consent or involvement.  If a young person is in state custody (for example, they are in foster care or in a juvenile detention center), they have the right to access these services without a guardian’s permission at age 12.  No Arizona law requires parental consent for prescription medications for minors, including contraceptives, this permits a young person to access sexual and reproductive health services at any age with a parent’s permission and at age 13 without parental consent.  Anaiah Walker was age 15 at the time she was seen and diagnosed.

Anaiah was rendered health services without my knowledge. As permissible by Arizona law. Due to her circumstances, of where she was residing. Gerber life knew this because, they read the news articles, spoke to detectives and many others. Yet still made this asinine decision.

We shouldn't have to fight for Gerber Life Insurance to pay this claim.  It's very clear to them as well as the State of Arizona that the health professionals that Anaiah seen while in their care, and that I was not made aware of diagnoses.  No one is able to disclose information they're not privy to.  Anaiah had the right to access reproductive health services without a guardian’s permission. She also had the right to teen patient confidentiality. 

Therefore, this situation qualifies as a determining factor for Anaiah to legally access services without parental consent.  There are also Federal HIPPA laws which protect minor’s consent and privacy with healthcare professionals.  Under such pretenses the minor patient has confidentiality rights and certain medical history may not be shared with the parent or guardian. 

It is my position that my daughter, Anaiah Walker’s reproduction and health services were rendered without parental consent, and involvement under circumstances of teen patient confidentiality.  As permissible by law.   Within the last paragraph of the policy application, I agreed and affirmed that the answers presented therein; are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  My signature was acknowledgement that I answered all questions truthfully, and to the best of my knowledge. Gerber Life needs to pay this policy so that our family can close out her estate affairs, and begin the healing process.

We've offered a $10,000 dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of those who may be involved in Anaiah's death and the denial of this claim has hindered her estate from being able to provide those funds to Silent Witness. I am devastated.  My daughter needs justice.  Her killer is still loose and Gerber has insulted her even more with this decision.  Please help us by signing this petition and standing with us in prayer.

Thank you,

Sherika Rhymes

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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!