Georgian Acres Deserves Safe Streets

Georgian Acres Deserves Safe Streets

October 8, 2022
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Travis County District Attorney José P. Garza
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lindsey Reynolds

To our Georgian Acres neighbors:

Our streets are not safe.

We are speaking as a neighborhood about the escalating crime in Georgian Acres. Our streets are not safe, they are not walkable, and our community is suffering for it.

Blatant open-air drug deals and prostitution go down on daily on Georgian Drive and Powell Lane -- morning, noon, and night.

This is the same intersection where our school children and neighbors catch the bus.

Our total crime is 366%* above the national average

Our violent crime is 241%* above the national average

Our property crime is 390%* above the national average

45% of Georgian Acres depend on public transit** -- our bus stops are not safe

16% live below the poverty line** 

Georgian Acres deserves better.


**City of Austin Transportation department

We are calling on the City of Austin, our District Attorney José P. Garza, and our councilperson José "Chito" Vela to ACT NOW. Our neighborhood has been ignored and put on the back burner long enough. We will no longer be used for convenient photo ops or sad statistics that pull grants for professors and city planners. 

We are asking for:

-nightly police patrols centered around the Sunrise Mini-Mart on Powell Lane and Georgian Drive

-a patrol car parked close to the Sunrise Mini-Mart on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings

-a patrol car parked at Georgian Drive and Powell Lane while school children are dropped off and picked up by the school bus

-Our D.A. MUST advocate for arresting and prosecuting high-level pimps and drug dealers on the corner

Enough is enough. We want our neighborhood back.

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Signatures: 159Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • José P. GarzaTravis County District Attorney