#RecallRaff: Take Action Against Voter Suppression & Protect Voters in Georgia.

#RecallRaff: Take Action Against Voter Suppression & Protect Voters in Georgia.

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Georgia Secretary of State, Attorney General Brad Raffensperger, must be recalled and removed from office.  

His office holds the sole responsibility of running free and fair elections in Georgia.  He has failed miserably and made Georgia the national test case for Voter Suppression.  The only remedy to protect Georgia from further attacks on the right to vote and to send the message that WE WILL NOT BE SUPPRESSED is through a recall. 

We call on all Georgians who are registered to vote in this state to sign this petition to begin the process of removing this incompetent administration from office #RecallRaff!

Georgia is the capital of the Confederacy, the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and ground zero for voter suppression in 2020. 

Georgia is 35% black and 60% of those who cast ballots or were projected to cast ballots in the June 9 primary are black. The world became aware of the modern elections atrocities in Georgia after Stacey Abrams ran for Governor in which the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, now the Governor, indiscriminately purged voters from the roll in 2018.

In Brian Kemp’s own 2011 presentation to the AACG, he acknowledged the Secretary of State’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • being the “chief election official” who coordinates the State’s responsibilities under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and serves as the Chairperson of the State Election Board. O.C.G.A.§§ 21-2-30(a) & (d), 21-2-210; Op. Att’y Gen. 2005-3.
  • the review, verification, and certification of Georgia’s statewide voting system. O.C.G.A. § 21-2-379.2. 
  • programming ballots for local governments 
  • facilitating the operation of the State’s election system by helping to train and coordinate with the various local elections officials
  • manages the voter registration system
  • data and list for counties
  • election night reporting

“As such, local election officials look to the Secretary of State for guidance and coordination on elections questions.” 

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, and after two delays in Georgia’s primary election date, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger should have been prepared to lead and manage the spike in absentee voting and assure safe in-person voting.

Instead, his dereliction of duty and basic ineptitude made casting a ballot a chaotic nightmare for voters with inaccurate voter registration information provided on the Secretary of State website, malfunctioning voting machines, long lines, several hour wait times, failure to process and timely mail applications for absentee ballots, polling sites that opened late, insufficient numbers of back up paper ballots, and inadequate training of county poll workers who provided incomplete, inaccurate or false information to voters.  

Accountability is vital to fix Georgia’s broken election system ahead of the August 11, 2020 runoffs that will determine important elections for school board members, district attorneys, judges and sheriff races across the state, and certainly in time for the November 3, 2020, general election which will determine the President and U.S. Senate.

The atrocities at the polls and the failures to process absentee ballots is a direct assault on black voters.  It left many in Georgia, around the country and across the world to ask: “What the hell is going on in Georgia? Four hours to vote? In a primary? Machines down, people being turned away, some locations with no machines? This is a five-alarm fire for democracy and someone should be held accountable.”

Even NBA great LeBron James went to the heart of the matter, observing amid Tuesday’s troubles, “Everyone talking about ‘How do we fix this?’ They say, ‘Go out and vote’? What about asking if how we vote is also structurally racist?”

The systemic under-resourcing of polling locations in predominantly Black communities in Georgia is an intentional method of voter suppression from a Republican-led state legislature that works on behalf of Donald Trump to further disenfranchise Black communities.  And systematically underfunding elections while spending billions on ineffective, violent policing and mass incarceration further underscores why people are in the streets demanding that leaders defund police and invest in critical community needs like safe elections.

This is a critical moment in time to ramp up demands for action at the federal, state, and local levels. The public must increase pressure on the Secretary of State's office to be prepared.

Election officials must start working NOW to reduce voter wait times and ensure resources are distributed fairly this general election. Without planning now, black voters may again experience election day challenges that can lead to disenfranchisement this November.

Therefore we are calling for the recall of Brad Raffensperger as permitted by the state constitution.  He has proven himself incompetent to lead state elections after promising to modernize and protect voters.  

We need 583,000 valid signatures of registered Georgia voters.  Once the signatures are collected, a question will appear on the November ballot asking if Brad Raffensperger should be recalled as the Secretary of State.  The answer is Yes.