Women's Rights: My Body My Choice

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Already two states are looking to end the Roe v. Wade supreme court case which gives a right to privacy (protects the right to Women to have an abortion), if this case ruling is deleted the states will have the power to create their own laws and restrictions on what a women can do with her own body. Most of the political seats being held right now are by men therefore we are letting men get away with making choices for us without them having to deal with the consequences of being pregnant. Just this month the Alabama Senate passed a bill which makes nearly all abortions criminalizing and putting the abortion providers at risk for a lifetime sentence in prison. While this petition is not a one and done solution, it is one way we can fight back, raise support, have a voice, and take back our right. Passing these types of laws would not only be detrimental to a girl who has to carry around a baby for nine months but it would be destructive to mental health, financial stability, and happiness. Pro-choice is not pro-death, pro-choice is a right and a liberty.