Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Centers Save Lives! Don’t let Georgia cut the Budget!

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Peer lead Recovery Support has an enormous impact in the state of Georgia for those suffering from substance use disorders . 

Recovery Community organizations all across Georgia bridge the gap between medical institutions, law enforcement, human service agencies and judicial systems. They provide a cost effective solution to hold space for individuals entering or reentering recovery.

As a woman in long term recovery ( 14 years) I realize how vital these peer driven services are. Our center serves Women leaving the sex trade, survivors of trafficking and individuals overcoming addiction. 23 years ago when I escaped the sex trade there was no such thing as peer lead organizations or a recovery movement. Where will we be if we turn back the hands of time 20 the midst of a Pandemic?? Our partners that have founded other Recovery Centers are also people in long term, successful recovery with equally powerful stories of redemption.

If the proposed state budget cuts pass, the state will pay for it ten fold on the back end of COVID-19 and there will certainly be casualties along the way.

Vote “No” to the proposed 4 million dollar shut down of Addiction Recovery Centers and the other vital, life saving services connected to peer lead services in the mental health and substance abuse space.