Move Spring 2019 Graduation To Students Home Campus!

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Earlier today, Georgia Southern professors received an email stating that each college would be holding their own graduation ceremony, based at colleges "primary" campus.This has change the graduation location from Paulson Stadium to a Savannah Conference Center for the following colleges: College of Education, Water College of Health Professions, and Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health. Having spent my entire college career at the Statesboro campus, I am utterly heart broken. I have worked for five years to walk across the field of Paulson Stadium, and it has been taken away from me. For the majority of my time here, Georgia Southern has been the "primary" campus of the College of Education. Statesboro is our home. Savannah based students chose Savannah for a REASON. They have undergone an unwanted merger and are now being forced to graduate at a stadium that isn't home to them. Georgia Southern, we  all BEG you to change this. EVERY STUDENT SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO GRADUATE FROM THEIR HOME CAMPUS! Please allow us to graduate at the campus we have grown to love over the years.