I want free school lunch for all children.

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Children are being turned away from school lunch because of their balance, food thrown away right in front of them if there is not enough lunch money on their accounts. This is absurd and disgusting! No child should have to be hungry or even sit through school with a hungry body. There is proof that if your body skips a meal, your body can have psychological and physical effects. 

I have included a site so that you can read about the different effects this can have on a child's body. No child should be denied nutrients because of something beyond their control. There has to be another way that we can come together and resolve these issues. To know that children who are not responsible adults are not eating and are expected to sit through class hungry disgusts me!

These are our children, our youth and our future. This is not how we teach compassion and good in the world. Please help me to change these policies and put new ones in place that can allow all children to have access to school lunch.

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