sleeping pods at Georgia Gwinnett college

sleeping pods at Georgia Gwinnett college

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Started by Coreon Johnson

We, the students of Georgia Gwinnett College, call for the installation of sleeping pods on campus. College is an expensive and time-consuming investment that many young adults are willing to pursue. Other than the obstacles of transitioning from high school to college and handling time management, one of the many challenges that every student encounters is the inability to get sufficient rest. Rest is extremely important for every student to perform at his or her best.  According to the CDC young adults are suggested to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night CDC - How Much Sleep Do I Need? - Sleep and Sleep Disorders   

Unfortunately as stated above, many of us are unable to get beauty sleep between classes due to the inability to find a comfortable rest area for students.  Why is this important ??  it simple, Lack of rest or sleep can affect a student’s performance in the semester that does not accurately reflect their work and effort placed in classes?       According to multiple outlets such as     Reuters with each sleepless night, college students' GPA drops by 0.02 drop.   “Well, maybe they should go to sleep earlier” critics would say.   that would be nice wouldn't it?  but many students are working part-time jobs to support their families while being full-time students. This lack of sleep isn't just derailing students' grades it is also affecting their mental health.  The National Alliance of Mental Health states That 44% of students have reported experiencing depression. Mental Health Guide -  Depression is caused by many variables from homelife, procrastination,  but the main variable is lack of sleep.  This one variable or lack thereof leads students to a downward spiral.       

The installation of sleeping pods would be beneficial because it would allow students the opportunity to recharge their minds without having to go off-campus. Many of us travel long distances for hours between campus and our homes eliminating the ability for the rest which is extremely dangerous.      Many wrecks involving students are caused by them being drowsy.  No student should be driving when not in the right mindset.   It causes lost lives and.  The school can prevent this with one step.  

  students who live on campus will also benefit from the pods allowing them to quickly recharge in the building instead of having to travel back to their dorm. The estimated walk for dormers is 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes can be used resting in sleeping pods.    

The location of the sleeping pods can essentially be installed anywhere on campus from building A   to the library Allowing for students across campus to have a chance to rest.   It has been reported that rooms on the second and third floor of the student center is being used as storage for chairs. These rooms can be rooms can be used to place sleeping pods.  to allow for each student to have an equal share of the sleeping areas there will be a 30-minute time limit for each session.    This may to seem far-fetched for a school as new as GGC but many other colleges have added sleeping pods to campus.    Schools such as     Savannah College of Art and Design, UCLA, and the University of Miami have all added sleeping areas. 


The biggest burden that will be brung about by having sleeping pods on campus is cost and sanitation.   

Georgia Gwinnett college being a smaller school means it dosent have the funds as  a university of Georgia.    so the cost of just of one sleeping pod with could cause a strain on our school budget. Luckily there are many current solutions while the school gathers the resources up to par sleeping pods. Recliners, vinyl cots are two low-cost and current solutions.    

Being that we're in a pandemic, sharing sleeping quarters is something that many people are hesitant about . which is understandable but hypocritical.  Many of the areas at GGC specifically desk in classrooms are rarely sanitized at GGC. Students go class to class touching the same doors and lab computers but no one bats a eye. So when we hear this claim that sleeping pods will be a covid hotspot, we see it as an excuse. Nonetheless to prevent the spread of germs students can use disposable pillowcases and have wipes placed near each sleeping area.      

 In closing, the sleeping pods would be an extremely useful source for students. not only be used by students as the staff could use them as well if needed. 

Thanks in advance for your attention to this petition.

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