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Georgia Department of Agriculture: Investigate and Prosecute Jason Broom and Floyd County Animal Control for animal abuse, animal neglect, theft, drug sales, and misappropriation of funds.

Every single week, anywhere from ten to one hundred animals are killed in the hands of Floyd County Animal Control. The form of "euthanasia" they use, which kills the animal slowly and painfully, has been banned in Georgia since 1990, but it is still used on conscious animals every single week at Floyd County Animal Control.

According to a volunteer, director Jason Broome has been stealing ketamine (a powerful sedative) from these animals for many years. A former employee states that he has at least once shot a dog while she nursed her puppy and that he instructs people to stomp on animals' heads, necks and bodies to restrain them while they are euthanized because he steals and then sells their sedatives. The word euthanasia by-definition means a merciful or "good" death, and this is not what happens at Floyd County Animal Control.

Inmates, volunteers and staff members state animals and Floyd County Animal Control receive NO veterinary care and as many as 30% of animals registered on intake die from illness. There have also been multiple eyewitness reports of Jason Broome and prisoner "employees" slamming kittens' heads in doors, intentionally starving animals, allowing dogs and cats to die of dehydration, failing to test for rabies or other serious zoonotic diseases in symptomatic animals, and burying animals alive. The conditions at the shelter are extremely unhygeinic and animals in the "back room" are in cages full of blood, pus, feces, and urine. Some animals' dead bodies are left in cages for hours.

This is only a tiny sample of the horror that occurs daily at Floyd County Animal Control in the hands of Jason Broome. Dozens of people have given eyewitness reports of this cruelty to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which, despite reeiving these reports for years, has failed to step in.

PLEASE petition to Georiga Department of Agriculture to investigate Jason Broome and the Floyd County Animal Control shelter. Not one more animal deserves to die in the mericiless hands of the people who run this facility. Jason Broom needs to be held legally responsible for the hundreds of cases of animal cruelty that he has deliberately and unnecessarily taken part in.

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