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Arrest him for shooting a unarmed teenager

A unarmed young black man was shot in a gated community in Florida; his only crime? Carrying skittles and tea from the store for his brother and his self. To George Zimmeraman he was "suspicious" so he called 911 and engaged the teen, causing an altercation and then shooting the teen dead. Trayvon "trey" Martin was 17, visitng his father. He had dreams of being a pilot and went home in a body bag. Why? Because Mr. Zimmerman thought he looked "suspicious" and yet this man remains free. Oh, Mr. Zimmerman age 26, majors in criminal justice and had a license to carry a concealed weapon and was head of the neighborhood watch. He was watching a black kid walk home from the store and saw fit to engage this person he called "suspicious." Just remember Zimmerman is free and admits to shooting Trayvon, but Trayvon died all due to a walk to the store. Where is the outcry for this injustice?

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