Request the resignation of Professor Walter E. Williams

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Request the resignation of Professor Walter E. Williams

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Walter Williams, a Professor in the Economics Department at George Mason University, has recently made headlines for his incredibly discriminatory remarks against the gay community.

In his column, he says that gay people are worse than smokers and those that are obese. His argument is, homosexuals should have higher health insurance than heterosexuals solely because they identify as homosexual. He relates this to non-smokers, who have lower health insurance than smokers. Mr. Williams believes that because gay individuals have a lower life expectancy, they deserve to pay more for their health insurance. Not only is his conclusion offensive and discriminatory, but his information is out of date: the basis of his evidence comes from a report issued in the late 1990's when HIV/AIDS was more fatal than it is now.

George Mason is a prestigious, all inclusive public University that prides itself on it's diversity and accepting community. Studies have shown that discrimination and hostility towards people that identify as homosexual leads to serious psychological damage and even suicide. With over 30,000 students enrolled at George Mason, it is imperative that the University remain a safe zone for any and all genders and sexual orientations.

No student deserves to be placed in an environment that is hostile to who they inherently are as an individual. Unfortunately that is the environment that Professor Walker creates for so many students at this innovative institution.

George Mason University, please help us keep our campus safe and ask Professor Walter Williams to resign.

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