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George Fox University: Stop Denying My Transgender Son Appropriate On-Campus Housing

I am speaking out for my African-American, transgender son, Jayce, and asking for your support.  Jayce wants to live with his male friends in on-campus housing next year, but George Fox University recently refused to allow this because Jayce is transgender. As Jayce’s mother, I am deeply concerned by George Fox University’s decision. The university has also indicated that it is considering a policy for students, which will require that all housing be based on “biological birth sex.”  In this case, there would be no housing accommodations, at all, that would be allowed for transgender students like my son, to live with their male friends.

I want Jayce to be safe and to feel included in the campus community as he continues his education at George Fox and I want Jayce to be allowed to live in on-campus housing with his male friends. Jayce transitioned socially several years ago and has been under the care of a medical doctor, and on testosterone, for over a year to assist with his transition. He also recently applied for a legal gender change, which will be granted later this month, and I’m helping him change his gender marker on his driver’s license and with the Social Security Administration.

Jayce’s friends on campus have no problem living with him. They support and respect him. I am hoping that the university will show the same care and respect as Jayce’s friends have, and allow Jayce to live with them for the sake of his mental health and well-being. As a concerned parent, I am asking you to join me, on Jayce’s behalf, in asking George Fox University to please reverse its decision and allow Jayce to live in on-campus housing with his male friends.

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  • President, George Fox University
    Robin Baker
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    Mark Pothoff
  • Director of Marketing Communications
    Rob Felton

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