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Khalil ur rehman Qamar has recently carved himself a new niche for  degenerates ,the lowest of the low ,whereby he abused and gas lighted a woman on national television for merely stating her opinion on an issue that concerned HER and only her. 

In an age where  we're striving everyday, against all odds (and there are many)  to create a fairer more just society for womxn   Our mainstream media continues to invite men like Khalil ur rehman Qamar on national television, to seek their "valuable "judgment on women centric issues despite knowing  well  their  extremely problematic stance on the cause of women ,one that has been put  on record by KRQ  too many times to count.  The   media houses  however  continue  to fuel scandal after scandal only to shamelessly  boost their ratings.  

It is imperative at this point to not endorse /support khalil ur rehman Qamar and his work if we are ever to be seen by the world as a progressive state  that treats it's women as humans to begin with .This is a petition  to boycott this man from appearing on talk shows, from being endorsed by production houses and glorified for his vile mindset long as he doesn't unlearn his ways .