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Save Ashi!

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To Mr. Genndy Tartakovsky and the people at Cartoon Network & [adult swim],

On March 11, 2017, Samurai Jack came back with new episodes on [adult swim] every Saturday night at 11:00 pm with repeats at 10:00 pm on Wednesday nights and at 2:30 am on Thursday Mornings. The new season, which would become its final one, also introduces us to the most popular, if also the most controversial thing about the new season: Ashi, a former female assassin, or, Daughter of Aku, who initially was sent to kill Samurai Jack but ends up bonding with Jack and became his companion and his true love.

But two months later, many of us were deeply and regretfully disappointed with the way you handle the character's development, for you, against the expectations of many fans, have not only reduced Ashi from a excellent character to nothing but a plot device for Samurai Jack himself, but have also all but destroyed any chance for Samurai Jack's happiness to be restored by erasing her from existence, thereby ensuring Samurai Jack's continued depression.  All that is just not fair not only for fans of the character of Ashi, but also for fans expecting a happier ending for Samurai Jack and Ashi.

The purpose of this petition is not to debate copyright holders' rights or even creator's rights -- legally, you have every right to do whatever you want with your projects. We do believe, however, that as creator of Samurai Jack, you have a responsibility to change the fate of or revive the character of Ashi and revise the ending to Samurai Jack so that Ashi will either be some sort of successor to Samurai Jack as well as an heir to Samurai Jack's magic sword, or maybe resurrect Ashi so that she and Jack could finally be married, or maybe make Jack his mentor and not just his boyfriend. And not to mention, you have a responsibility to also give Ashi her very own stand-alone spin-off vehicle in any way, shape or form, if you want.

Fan speculation continues to run rampant as to whether or not Ashi will be resurrected so that she and Samurai Jack could finally be together again. On Season 5, Episode 8, Jack and Ashi falls in love and kiss while Dean Martin was singing "Everybody Loves Somebody" on the soundtrack by episode's end. But as demonstrated by the ninth and tenth episodes of Samurai Jack Season 5, Aku thinks that Ashi is still his daughter, and not only uses her as a human shield against Samurai Jack himself, but also turned her into some evil monster before she finally fades into oblivion after Aku was destroyed around the end of Season 5. The reduction of a character like Ashi from Samurai Jack's fifth season all the way to nothing more or less than a plot device for Samurai Jack himself demonstrates such disrespect for female character development, especially for a strong, sinewy, empowered one like Ashi from Samurai Jack's Season 5, that many of us will find it very extremely hard to believe. But we do hold out hope that  Ashi deserve better character development that needs to be fully fleshed out in the future. And we also do hold out hope that Ashi one day deserves resurrection so that she and Samurai Jack will finally get married and fulfill their love for one another.

Therefore, our goal, as the undersigned, is to convince you that Ashi need not be a plot device to drive Samurai Jack's story arc. Ashi needs to be either a successor to Samurai Jack himself, an heir to Samurai Jack's magic sword, a warrior woman in her own right, with Jack being her mentor and not just her boyfriend, or else, Ashi needs to be resurrected so that she and Samurai Jack could finally be married, among any way, shape or form, other than a simple plot device.

We want you to help bring Ashi from Samurai Jack Season 5 back to life!

We, the undersigned, might also want you to give Ashi from Samurai Jack Season 5 her very own stand-alone spin-off vehicle project, whether as a theatrical big screen cinematic feature film, or a television series or a comic book or any other way, shape, or form.

Just look at Ryan Reynolds' passion project, Deadpool, and the mighty 11-year-long struggle for Mr. Reynolds to properly bring Deadpool, also known as the Merc with a Mouth, from comic book page to the movie screen. Deadpool was first introduced by Marvel Comics in 1991 as a wisecracking antihero with a taste for extreme violence and whose origin story tells of a life-changing transformation triggered by pain, betrayal, and torture. That character's journey from the the comic book pages to the movie screen began in no less traumatic a fashion, because studios such as 20th Century Fox wanted a more conventional superhero, which is why the character's first cinematic incarnation, as portrayed by Mr. Reynolds in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, was widely condemned by fans as straying too far from the original comics.

Bad feelings festered for the following five years until, in July 2014, test footage of a fully CGI fight sequence featuring an all-new Deadpool leaked onto the internet. The enthusiastically-received proof of concept test video, created by artists at Blur Studio, and led by the company's co-founder Tim Miller, was part of a then-ongoing campaign led by Ryan Reynolds, himself a devotee of Deadpool, also known as the Merc with a Mouth, to resurrect the iconic comic book character, and it catalyzed interest among die-hard fans and studio executives, on the back of which, Fox finally founded the confidence to green-light a stand-alone Deadpool feature film for release in February 2016, where it opened to great success, and with Tim Miller taking the directorial helm and with Ryan Reynolds not so much reprising his role as reinventing it, thereby finally achieving his long-held goal of bringing to life the authentic Deadpool that his fans had long been clamoring for.

If it works for Deadpool (thanks largely to the efforts of fans and Ryan Reynolds himself), why not do the same thing with Ashi from Samurai Jack Season 5?

We thank you for giving us Samurai Jack again with new episodes on [adult swim], and for your attention for that matter.

Best regards,

The Undersigned

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