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Like many other fans, I watched the final season of Samurai Jack. Also, like many other fans, I did not enjoy the ending. I felt sad & unsatisfied (I guarantee a lot of fans felt this way as well). However, I'm not going to let that get the better of me. I am a lot calmer now than I was back then regarding the ending. In hindsight, the ending that we desired may have been a bit too good to be true, which could be a reason as to why Genndy made the ending he gave us. In my point of view, it was probably done that way to break from cliches/subvert expectation. However, we still would like a happier alternate ending, because Jack and Ashi honestly deserve it after everything they been through. I am not doing this for just my sake. I am doing this for fellow fans that still want an alternate ending where Jack and Ashi are happy. Thinking back, I felt that the ending, along the rest of the episode could have been fleshed out more and extended. This is the final episode of one of Genndy's greatest, if not the greatest, work he has ever made after all. Samurai Jack is a masterpiece, so I know its possible. Many, including Tara Strong, who is the voice actor for Ashi, like an ending where Ashi is revived (an idea I agree with), but I wish for it to be done in a way that it makes sense with the story's world and lore. Plus, I would like it done in a way that makes it feel thematically satisfying.  Jack said that he did not want her to become just another memory. Here is something that could help with making sure that doesn't happen. 

There are 2 main things that Genndy can use to revive Ashi: The 3 Gods and The Well Of King Ozric

1. The 3 Gods - In the episode Jack In Egypt, Jack summoned Ra to defeat the minions of Set. Ra is one 3 Gods that fought the Embodiment Of Evil, which is what Aku was born from. Afterwords, Jack requested that Ra create a time portal for him to go back to the past, but Ra denied it and ascended. Here's my theory. Ra denied Jack his request because Aku was not destroyed or defeated, so he had no reason to reward Jack. The Gods created the sword for the purpose of defeating Aku. This took place in the past. Jack made the request in the future. The fact that Ra has that awareness and sense despite the gap and alter in time could mean one thing: The Gods transcend time, whether it be past, present, or future. If they are that powerful, its not farfetched to say that they could revive Ashi, despite the fact that she vanished due to Aku being destroyed. Ra and the other 2 gods could do this as a reward for defeating Aku. 

2. The Well Of King Ozric - This can intertwine with the 3 Gods. After Aku was destroyed in the past by Jack in Episode CI, the well's corruption by Aku presumably was undone. Jack could go to the Well and make a wish to revive Ashi. Who knows? Maybe the well could summon the means to complete the wish if it can't do it itself: the 3 Gods. For all we know, the Gods could have created the well. Jack had the opportunity to use the well in the first season, but he couldn't because of 2 reasons: the corruption and the plot. Genndy could write it to where Jack runs into the well one day, and instead of using it to return to the past (he's already in the past), he uses it to revive Ashi. 

Not to mention, the wedding. The wedding could be a little bit more fleshed out and dramatic. If this sounds a bit like fanfiction then so be it. If I were in charge of the ending, I would have Jack's parents speak to both Jack and Ashi. This would take place during the wedding, but before they get married (Preparations basically). Jack's father, the Emperor, would speak to Jack. Jack's mother would speak to Ashi. I would put this in to put more depth and drama in the characters. The emperor would speak to Jack on his experiences during his quest to defeat Aku. Jack's mother would speak to Ashi on her experiences with Jack. Also, as a woman herself, she could give Ashi some advice or tips. She would also forgive or cast aside Ashi's relation to Aku, since she sees that Ashi is a good person and not a spitting image of Aku.

I know that the series is over, but that doesn't mean things can't be added where it left off. After all, the series returned after a 13 year hiatus. If it could come back after all that time, then 1 year after the end of Samurai Jack is nothing. I am well aware of the negative feedback Genndy got from the original ending he made. I understand that it may have been the ending he wanted, but it wasn't the ending many of us wanted. I believe that the fans' resentment towards it was a testament of how much they cared. There are some that are satisfied with the ending and there are some that aren't. Genndy could make an alternate ending as a way to satisfy both sides.

Plus, it should be on DVD as a part of the bonus features or special features. 

In addition, I know I am not the only one who made a petition for an alternate ending. If you wish for the same thing, then I would appreciate it you support their petitions as well. I am making my version to show that its possible to have an alternate ending. I sincerely hope this can be made a reality. 


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