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Please send Sadie back to her family

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PLEASE SIGN AND HELP BRING JUSTICE TO SAVE SADIE !!!! The Hodson family and their precious family dog little Sadie is currently suffering a great atrocity. Their beloved baby Sadie is currently being held at Genesee County Animal Control Michigan, pending a court case being dragged out for 3 long months now. Sadie is the victim of an evil neighbor who was walking his dog by the Hodson home when Sadie ran out in the front yard gesturing she wanted to play, at which point the perpetrator went into the yard, kicked her in the head 10 times, as stated by him on the police report, scaring Sadie and causing her to bite his dog out of fear. His dog needed 3 stitches and is ok, but this evil aggressor is suing to have Sadie killed, claiming she is a vicious animal. The Hodsons even offered compensation and cooperation on vet bills and fenced in confinement for this first offense. He was even witnessed to fall down to the ground and roll around screaming for help, pretending to be under attack. The grieving family visits Sadie while she is being held in confinement awaiting trial but must leave broken hearted each time unable to bring their loved one home, the court system is dragging the situation out for no good reason, please voice your support and concern to help us end this gross injustice and heartbreak, Sadie is a sweet friendly dog victim to outside abuse, this atrocity must be rectified

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