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Save the Pandas by ordering a temporary Ban on building in the Yangtze River Basin.

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Fellow animal lovers, we have a problem. As you may know there are not many Pandas left in the world. While the Pandas numbers are rising slowly and they have been upgraded from endangered to vulnerable, this is not a good thing. We have been manipulated by these numbers thinking that we have won and the Pandas are saved. NO! This is not even close to true, did you know that the latest census conducted in 2014 showed there are 1,864 Pandas left in the wild(WWF). Just because they’re not endangered does not mean that there are a lot of them. Pandas numbers are going to go down again because of us, human beings! We are the Humans that are causing global climate change. We are the humans that are destroying these beautiful creatures habitats in order to benefit for ourselves! How selfish of us! China is already filled with smog and pollution. These forests might be the only thing left. Did you know that Pandas can only become pregnant 2-3 days a year. This fact does not help the Pandas numbers which is why we can not be killing them or the numbers will decrease rapidly. Imagine that you were living in the wild and then all of a sudden you're home and source of food and living was destroyed by other people. You have a family and no food or shelter and are slowly dying. This is what is happening to the Pandas. By listening to this problem you can help support our organization and our purpose.

One of the biggest things destroying the Panda's habitats is global climate change. Global warming is destroying their bamboo because it can not withstand the temperatures caused by global climate change. If you didn’t know a recent study conducted by scientists from the Chinese Academy and Michigan State University found that most of the current bamboo habitat will soon become unsuitable for survival, with bamboo estimated to entirely die off within 50 to 100 years(Ocko). This means that over the years as the number of Bamboo declines the number of pandas will decline with it because their will not be enough Bamboo left since Pandas eat 20-40 pounds of bamboo everyday. Did you know that the Panda could lose half of their habitat with even just a 2 degree increase from global climate change in our weather(Ocko).This is not ok! Some people believe that Climate Change is just a “coincidence” and it is “normal.” Look at the facts everyone! We are causing Climate Change by being selfish and caring about only ourselves. Just by recycling that one piece of paper or riding a bike instead of taking a car. This can make a huge difference. This can help save a Panda.

Another thing that are hurting the Pandas is Industrialization causing Habitat destruction for the Pandas. Habitat destruction does the same thing that climate change does, destroy their source of food. There are many laws against harming the Pandas but this doesn’t matter. The Pandas are still being harmed in the long run by big companies destroying their habitat for the company's own good. This habitat destruction is leading to food shortages for the Pandas causing their numbers to decline. One of the excuses to destroy their bamboo forests is that  Pandas eat many types of Bamboo. Although this is true Pandas eat the different types of Bamboo during different times of the year depending on what is available. Therefore destroying one kind of bamboo will leave them hungry during parts of the year. So is this Ok? No. The Pandas are the ones being harmed but really it’s all of us! Creating these new factories and building by destroying the Panda's habitats is causing pollution therefore causing climate change which is hurting us and destroying even more of the Panda's habitats almost like a food chain.

You might be wondering, why even care about the Pandas? What are they doing for us? No they are not just eating all day. Well they are, but this is actually helping the ecosystem. In case you didn’t know, by eating the Bamboo, the Pandas are playing a crucial role in China's bamboo forests by spreading seeds and helping the vegetation to grow(WWF). This means that the Pandas are actually helping the ecosystem grow and thrive to create the cycle of the Pandas eating them again and spreading even more seeds. With all the smog and pollution that china has right now, these creatures spreading the bamboo seeds creating forests might be china’s last hope in saving their ecosystem.  One Idea I had for helping the Pandas and China’s ecosystem is putting them in  bamboo forests that need help growing. This way the Pandas will be able help the ecosystem grow and add more bamboo for their population to grow.

So our organization is devoted to saving the Pandas by informing everyone about their problems and why these are happening. So, our organization is proposing that The President of China, Xi Jinping orders a temporary ban on building in the Yangtze River Basin where a substantial amount of wild pandas live. By taking this first step we will be able to grow the populations of Pandas creating more habitats for them and they won't be hurt because of the temporary ban. After this step is complete we would like to work on expanding the Pandas habitat growth therefore expanding the Pandas population growth even more. In order to get this message to President Xi Jinping we are creating a petition so when you have the time please sign. Thank you for listening and please help as much as you can! If you would like to get even more involved I would recommend supporting our cause and supporting  the World Wildlife Foundation who specialize in saving endangered species including the Pandas. Thank you!


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