Support Freedom of Speech of UPMC Doctor Norman Wang

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We are a group of private citizens with diversified political backgrounds, some are liberal left-leaning, some are conservative and right-leaning, and some are independent. But we have all been greatly disappointed in hearing the story of Dr Norman Wang, Director of UPMC Cardiology fellowship program, who was removed from his position simply because he published an objective, scholarly, peer-reviewed white paper discussing the pro and cons of including race as part of the selection criteria for the Cardiology fellowship program.

We may or may not agree with the conclusions of his study. In fact, some of us are strong supporters of affirmative action. It is, however, our firm belief that the 1st amendment right of freedom of speech shall never be compromised.

We therefore would like to express our strong opinions and petition the general public to support the following:

1) We strongly support Dr Wang's right to perform objective scientific study without being subject to political interventions

2) We strongly support Dr Wang's freedom of speech to publish the results of his scientific research without  being subject to political censorship

3) We strongly condemn UPMC for its hypocrisy and its brutal disregard of freedom of speech and freedom of independent scientific research.

4) We demand that UPMC apologize to Dr Wang

5) We demand that UPMC restore Dr Wang's director position immediately.