Save Whitby Golf Course

Save Whitby Golf Course

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Whitby golf clubs faces losing half of its golf course, with scarbourgh council wanting to reclaim the land for development.

The club has gone in debt with the debt being owed to the council for rent. 

Members where faced with no choice to vote for a 9 hole course or face the club closing in the new year. The council have given the club 2 years as an 18 hole course then want to take 9 holes away, the side of the golf course that they have given us is falling into the sea at places.

Dwindling club numbers as is happening with most clubs across the country, with clubs in our neighbouring Middlesbrough have had there rents reduced to peppercorn rents to keep the clubs open.

Whitby golf club is built on prize real estate land with developers wanting this land.

All being kept very quiet a local Councellour has tried to access the golf club files but they are closed stating “ private money is involved”

Whitby golf club has over 150 years of history and its members do not deserve to suffer at the hands of a badly managed club and scarbourgh council wanting to develop the land.

In the AGM it was said that if a buyer comes forth within 2 years then the club could be sold, but it’s funny that this is not being advertised by the council .

signed many unhappy members of whitby golf course