Save Avery Hill for the Community

Save Avery Hill for the Community

8 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by john webb

The Save Avery Hill campaign is expressing its deep concerns and reservations over plans for a 1,150 Harris Academy boys school, in particular the imposition of a block-style 'non-descript' green clad building next to the Winter Garden. Also, the problems it will cause for access to and from the park; the lack of a clear agreement for community use of the site's heritage assets; or agreement to re-establish the three original link points between the separate wings the Winter Garden, when it has been renovated, and the listed Mansion

The campaign's aim is to celebrate Avery Hill’s unique Victorian legacy and assure its vibrant future.

It believes the development must:

-  ensure the new design is in harmony with its surroundings;

-  protect public access to Avery Hill Park;

-. ensure it doesn’t create traffic school-run traffic chaos;

-  ensure extra car parking causes minimal further disruption to residents;

-  enable complete renovation of the Winter Garden into a sustainable asset;

-  fully link the Winter Garden and listed Mansion to re-create the Victorian legacy;

-  ensure joint management of historical assets between the school and community;

- ensure the plans observe conservation area standards

Convenor Terry Powley said: “There are serious concerns about traffic chaos at school-run time; non-descript buildings and railings and conflicts with Crown Woods, as well as parking and traffic problems spilling out and disrupting residents in neighbouring streets.

“The public has a right to enjoy its heritage and not see it disappear behind ‘keep out’ signs. The community needs guaranteed access to the Mansion as well as the Winter Garden.

“I’m asking the community to come together to help safeguard this jewel in SE9’s crown."

Following pressure from the campaign and Royal Greenwich Council, the University of Greenwich has agreed to contribute a substantial sum for its renovation, it being handed over to RBG, and then a Trust. Then it needs to be connected internally to the Mansion to allow flexible usage by the community with joint working arrangements put in place for the site’s future management

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Signatures: 4,420Next Goal: 5,000
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