Life imprisonment should be the punishment for rapists in Nepal

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Millions of rape cases have gone unheard due to the fear of women and young girls. They deserve to be served with justice, to be heard, seen and receive the support they need from everybody so they can try to heal from the trauma. It is absolutely disgusting that women are still blamed for this, that other people still find a way to make it their fault . They'll say oh she was asking for it. NO she was not. The man was the one who could not have any self control or discipline. So many lives of women are being broken all from a man who could not keep it in his pants. If you think in any way that this is fair or think even the slightest bit that it was the women's fault, then you are on the oppressors side.

So many males, strangers or even their own family members, are roaming free around the world because they know the victims will stay silent. But should we stay silent too? Should we just watch and let everything happen when we have the power and privilege to change this? The system needs to change. We need to change, we need to be better. We have to help in any way we can.  Please sign this petition for rapists to be arrested and sent to jail for as long as they live.