8 November 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aashi Shah

We’re Aashi and Samrudhi year 5 students from Girraween public school, and we have started a petition to have an Earth hour every 6 months.

Earth hour is celebrated in 180 countries worldwide to show that people do care for future of earth. These earth hours spread awareness by reducing the electricity usage generated by power plants running on fossil fuel.

If we have another earth hour annually, it will help to reaffirm the importance of a stable climate and protect yet another generation to come. It will spread even more awareness on climate change. As an adult, it is your responsibility to not only protect your child, but to protect future generations to come.

In October 2019, more than 11,000 scientists from 153 countries have declared the global climate emergency and have warned mankind that they are facing inevitable ineffable suffering, if we don’t reduce global warming activities. We have only 12 years to avoid the climate catastrophe. The time is running out and solid actions need to be taken before it is too late.

We are but ordinary people. However, if we work together, we will be stronger. Our voices will be heard. Until now, mother earth’s screams have been ignored, her signs for imminent danger lying ahead have gone unnoticed. Now those calls and signs are unavoidable,

If the current trend continues, we will see

o  The water level will rise up to three feet high in the sea by the end of the century

o  There will be 25% fewer fish by the end of century

o  Weakened ocean currents

o  Less snow and ice

o  Extreme weather events with heavy or no rain to scorching summers

o  Stronger and wetter hurricanes

o  Frequent droughts

Furthermore, the world's oceans have already lost 1% to 3% of the oxygen in their upper levels since 1970 and will lose more as this warming continues. The world’s oceans are facing a massive 95% increase in acidity. Greenland, The Antarctic and the world’s mountain glaciers are losing 720 billion tons of ice each year.

Let’s have another earth hour each year, six months apart from the current one on the last Saturday of September.

Signing the petition will let our voices be heard for mother earth and your support for creating additional earth hour will be helpful and much appreciated.


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Signatures: 31Next Goal: 50
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