Bring Back the Astro Van

Bring Back the Astro Van

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A Proposition of Astronomical Proportions to General Motors:

In 1985, you provided a macro-response to the minivan. With 182 cubic feet of cabin space, the do-everything Astro van can carry enough groceries to outlast winter. And if your local supermarket happened to be on top of a mountain peak, you gave us an all-wheel-drive workhorse that could climb that rocky road.

Two glorious decades and 3.2 million Astro vans followed before the last one rolled off the line at Baltimore Assembly in 2005.

The van you no longer sell continues to respond to the times. Fifteen years later, a growing community continues to recognize and discover what an Astro can do on the terrain of road and the ride of life.

Generations of enthusiasts program Google Alerts and scour Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace in search for one of these well-cared for rigs. We share our stories, pictures designs and building hacks in social media groups.

Your versatile van of the past offers an untethered future. It gives the gift of creative adventure through non-traditional travel and lodging. But only if we can keep it running. And we have gone great lengths to do so.

To many, your first entry into the minivan market was our first dive into #vanlife. Our escapades in your Astro van have shown us a world of adventure lies beyond its Dutch double doors.

We implore you to take a gander. For we are a growing group who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to discuss buying a new Chevy Astro van with one of your salespersons.

We want to buy.

We want you to #bringbacktheastro, General Motors.

And since we’re here, let’s do it with more accessible sparkplugs and universally sized drink holders, please.
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