Bring back Wheaties Fuel

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I want to bring back a discontinued breakfast cereal called Wheaties Fuel. Unlike the bland and cardboard taste of traditional Wheaties, this alteration is the best cereal in terms of taste and health benefits. Below is a more descriptive explanation of the cereal:

This cereal spent it's first few months of existence as Collector's Edition cereal. After it was unveiled in September of 2009, it was available in a limited edition box through an offshoot of called "Evolution". The cereal rolled out to grocery stores in January of 2010. The cereal is made up of crunchy whole wheat flakes with granola and crispy rice - lightly sweetened and flavored with cinnamon and honey.

Wheaties Fuel is unique in that was heavily promoted before it was actually (officially) created. Visitors to the Wheaties Evolution website were shown video clips of the cereal at various stages of development. These webisodes followed a select group of athletes as they helped to help create a cereal designed especially for athletes. Team Fuel included football player Peyton Manning, basketball player Kevin Garnett, baseball player Albert Pujols, triathlete Hunter Kemper and decathlete Bryan Clay.

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