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Please bring back Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting...IN CANADA

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NOTE: The attached video is the outcome of Benjamin Johnson's successful petition to bring back this product in the United States.

I know this is issue is frivolous, but hear me out.

Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting was a part of North American childhoods. The combination of the Rainbow Bit cake mix with the matching frosting will always be a fond memory for me. As well as being a dip for graham crackers, much like Dunkaroos, which is also a Betty Crocker product.

Occasionally, in my teenage years, my friend Laura and I would go to the local grocery store to get just such combination to make colourful cupcakes. That was up until the summer of 2013, when we went looking for the very same ingredients aforementioned, to find the appropriate cake mix, but not the frosting. And so began our search for the rainbow chip frosting.. countless grocery stores visited looking for it, but to no avail.

I had long forgotten about it until this past month, when passing through the baking aisle at my local Metro with Laura. I said to her, "We should check. Maybe we will finally find it again." We had fully intended on buying as many containers of it as we could carry, should we have seen it there on the shelf, but no such luck. Rainbow bit cake mix, but no rainbow chip frosting.

So, we went home and I got to researching what had happened to it. Why were we no longer able to obtain this wonderful, delicious product? And I found my answers. Turns out it had been discontinued altogether back in 2013, to everyone's dismay. But a man named Benjamin Johnson, from Seattle, started a petition on this very site that ultimately led to the return of this lovely frosting.. IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY. I applaud you, Benjamin. It was you that inspired me to find out more and to start this petition.

Obviously, I had to find out if this was true. So, I did some searching and found out that General Mills is affiliated with Betty Crocker products. I found an appropriate consumer relations contact, and asked them, "I see that the rainbow chip frosting has made a comeback in the US, but why not here? Why not Canada?" The response I received was this:

"Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding Betty Crocker Rainbow Frosting. The product you inquired about is not currently available here and we have no plans to launch it here in the near future. We will notify the appropriate product team of your interest in purchasing that product locally."

This was followed by a recommendation to join the site, and I will receive notice about new products, and the appropriate salutations. Not available. No plans to launch it here. I felt defeated. One lonely inquiry to a product team was not going to make a difference.

But then I remembered Benjamin Johnson. One man that petitioned for the product to return... and he won. So, here it is, that I start this petition, to change their minds about re-launching this product. If it could work for Benjamin Johnson, from Seattle, it can work for us, too. For Canada.

They have it in the United States, why shouldn't we? Please join me, in petitioning to bring Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting back to Canada!

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