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Close the WIN A WIFE contest and publicly acknowledge its inappropriateness


100.3 The Bear in Edmonton, Alberta has launched a 'Win a Russian Wife' contest that offers an area man a trip to Russia to pick a bride. The contest is in partnership with Volga Girl, a US-based site that features the profiles of Russian women from which clients can choose to marry. To imply that women can be "won" in a radio show is to imply that they're less than human. And these "buy a bride" services often prey on women who have few resources or options besides marrying a foreigner. Regional immigration minister Thomas Lukaszuk said it best when he pulled his ads from the station due to the contest. He said, "In some parts of the world where women make themselves available to be Internet brides or through international dating agencies ... they very seldom have that choice. They are either coerced into that position by despairing economic circumstances or they are coaxed into it by illegal elements."

Women aren't teddy bears won at carnivals. Tell The Bear to stop the contest immediately and apologize for putting it on in the first place!

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General Manager, The Bear 100.3FM Edmonton Stewart Myers
Brand Manager , The Bear 100.3FM Edmonton Rob Vavrek
General Sales Manager, The Bear 100.3FM Edmonton Susan Reade
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Promotions Director Karen Paulgaard
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Close the WIN A WIFE contest and publicly acknowledge its inappropriateness

The Bear's contest is inappropriate, as it objectifies non-Canadians as "hot foreign chicks" and commodities to be won in a contest.


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