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Add a "Breastfeeding is Welcome Here!" sign to each bus.

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On June 24, 2011, a member of Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA), Moon Aku was harassed by employees (bus driver and dispatch operator) of SMART Bus and asked to leave the bus for breastfeeding her newborn infant. When Moon refused to leave, the driver refused to move the bus and remained stationary until Moon was done breastfeeding. Throughout the rest of the bus ride, the driver continually harassed Moon. SMART Bus must begin to act smart about their treatment of mothers and infants. They need to become sensitive and educated about a mothers basic human right to breastfeed her child. We believe that the harassment of Moon Aku is deserving of an apology. We also believe that SMART Bus should encourage breastfeeding and enhance their reputation of the mistreatment of breastfeeding mothers and infants by publicly welcoming all breastfeeding dyads. This can be done by posting a “Breastfeeding is welcome here” sign on each bus, alongside the universal breastfeeding logo. Additionally, we believe that SMART bus can improve their treatment of breastfeeding patrons if they start in-house by creating a breastfeeding policy for their own employees.

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