Save the Cats of Sandy Pines Recreational Community

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Her name was Zoom Zoom. On January 25, 2018 an adult cat was found frozen to death in a live trap behind a dumpster at Sandy Pines Recreational Community in Dorr, Michigan.

Members who have seasonal dwellings at the park immediately contacted the police and animal control was sent to pick up the cat.  From there the cat went to Michigan State University for a necropsy. The results came back stating the cat had no major health issues beyond intestinal parasites (which are normal and not lethal in adult outdoor dwelling cats). Upon sharing the necropsy results with area veterinarians, it was logically concluded that the cat had been captured and left to freeze to death in a live trap owned, baited and placed by Sandy Pines.  The trap even has a label on top showing it is owned by Sandy Pines.

A process of TNR that had been utilized on premises since 2006.  The colony of cats was stable and managed by caring members. But in the latter part of 2017, without consultation with Sandy Pines members, a rule was passed forbidding anyone from feeding community cats and trap / eradicate became the means of feline population control.  The caregivers quickly began trapping the cats in fear that they would be harmed. Those that were not trapped were removed by Sandy Pines management and nobody knows where they were taken.

The eradication caused the Vacuum Effect and cats began to wander into the park again.  Without the stable, sterilized, managed colony of cats to fend off newcomers, the management continued their own brand of cat eradication.  But this time, someone found the deceased cat before it could be hidden.

A large, experienced TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) organization operating in West Michigan began communicating with the management at Sandy Pines in hope to reinstate TNR.  At no cost to the membership, Carol’s Ferals agreed to completely manage TNR, reinstitute feeding stations and rebuild a colony of sterilized cats that would keep new cats from flowing onto the 800+ acre grounds of Sandy Pines.  A group was formed to begin placement of feeding stations with the guidance and approval of the head of public safety when he quit just before the publication of the necropsy results.

Despite the no cost proposition, Sandy Pines rejected the common sense TNR model and instead decided to go ahead with inhumane trap / eradicate utilizing the local Allegan County Animal Shelter.  This is a sure death sentence for any true feral cat. Feral cats are not socialized to humans and there is no place for them in the sheltering system. Unfortunately this also poses a great risk to friendly or owned cats that might get loose from a vacation dwelling.  Sometimes cats entering shelters are stressed and appear to be feral. Before they have time to adjust, they are killed.

Please sign and share this petition to help us send a loud and clear message.  TNR works, killing does not. More cats will move in and replace the ones that were “removed”.  Any wildlife will be trapped and disposed of as well.


A Facebook page has been created to update on this horrendous plan of trap and kill.  Please join it:

Community Cats United, Inc. (Trap-Neuter-Return Community)

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