Rights for Families with mental health and disabilities against schools and headteachers

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I am doing this petition as i have been prohibited from my children school from swearing (which i no is wrong and have apologised ) but leading upto that i havent got the help i needed for my son with his learning as he wont make targets and he has speech and language problems he has other needs such a set routine .At home i have a husband has mental health issues so good or bad days i deal with him and the daily routine of life. As for the school i was raising my concerns which they said were complaints on a weekly basis  which they were not happy with i just wanted the best for my children but have been made to feel like im a aggressive and unreasonable parent wanting the impossible for my children. I have alot of pressure on me and can be very emotional but the school are not understanding and there was no one to mediate or support me as a parent. I understand schools and local authorities are under alot of pressure with little money but there has to be things in place for parents with vunrable families. I swore outside the school office due to be in tears and fustrated as im not being listened to or understood.I told the headteacher to leave me alone and she didnt so then i swore again yes i admit it was wrong. Now im being punished even more as a parent to a vunrable family as well as my children being victimised in front of everyone. Im supposed to wait for my children at the gate and drop them to the gate im not allowed to do activities workshops or anything inside the school building. I just want this petition to go as far as possible to get vunrable and emotionally pressured parents like myself a bit of help and support from schools and authorities that they have the option of a middle person that can advise you and support you and that it doesnt matter what age your children are they will still help.Thank you for reading i hope to have your support and hope this gets a voice to help parents and make schools understand there is more to tears shouting and complaints (concerns).