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The Geelong council wants to take the home of Guf Geelong to make a pathway to the CBD. This location is the one of a very small amount of place in the Geelong CBD that caters for geeks and gamers of all ages. With weekly events that range from competitions to board game nights. It has been shown via google images that there is infact already a laneway through to Denny's place but this walkway is blocked by a locked gate.  You can read the Geelong advetiser write up about whats going on and why we want to save it -> ARTICALS ABOUT THE SITUATION ~ SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY GOING TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE ~  SHARE THESE VIDEOS TO SUPPORT GUF ~ #SAVEGUF #SAVEGUF #SAVEGUF #SAVEGUF #SAVEGUF #SAVEGUF WE LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD BUT CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE OUT THE CURSE WORDS. WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE A PROFESSIONAL POINT ~ Thank you!  ------------------Supportive Messages---------------------------- Jordy Gray GEELONG, AUSTRALIAI work for a disability support service and see first hand the difference that Guf has made to the lives of the children I work with. We have kids attending on a weekly basis and this is one of the very few times they can get together, feel comfortable in themselves and be social with their peers. Please don't close it down!!!!! Corey Dodd AUSTRALIAI work near Guf, it seems like a good viable business to me. Lots of people go there and socializing and enjoying themselves. It would be a shame to relocate a business like this. There is already a laneway that is 3 shops down from Guf but it is not open to the pubic, open this lane up and leave the Guf. Jane Waterfield - Guf Games are an important part of the wider autism community in Geelong - they supported the Pathfinder group James facilitates when it started up and are host to an ASD specific Minecraft club for kids. I'm sure they provide social opportunities for those not reached by other groups - please sign and show your support! Sam Kroger AUSTRALIABecause Guf Geelong isn't just a place to buy cards, or play games on a computer or console, it's a community. A family. The people that go their weekly don't just go because they want to play games, they go there to see people they like and to socialise with them in a way that makes them, and me, happy.

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