Cloth Nappy and Reusable Sanitary Product Rebate for Glen Eira City Council Residents

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Each household to receive a 50% rebate on both new and secondhand reusable nappy and sanitary items with proof of purchase up to $150. 

Cloth nappies (newborn to adult)
Swim nappies
Nappy liners and inserts
Cloth wipes
Wet bags
Nursing breast pads
Cloth menstrual and incontinence pads
Menstrual cups
Period underwear
Period wet bags

There are already 10 councils who offer this in Australia.

At the continued success of deferring food from landfill through a successful local FOGO green bin collection, red bins will likely shift to forntightly collection. This has happened in one Glen Eira area already. Before FOGO up to 50% of local red lid bins was food waste. What’s mostly left now in landfill bins? Soiled nappies and sanitary products. This could become a hygiene and odour issue for many households who have heavily reduced all other kinds of single use waste. 

A rebate makes reusable nappies and sanitary items, which are a more expensive initial investment, more accessible. It also draws attention to the issue and rewards waste reduction. It also may reduce recycling contamination by nappies and wipe pipe blockages that result from confusing labels and ‘green washing’ suggesting single use items can be disposed of this way. 

Less nappies and pads in our bins is a win for locals, a win for Glen Eira waste collection services and a win for environment. It saves everyone money and cleans our future. 

It is particularly important that the rebate recognize second hand products as this is what makes them more environmentally sustainable - reuse, reuse, reuse. 

Three other petitions that are underway in Australia:

Moonee Valley City Council
Bayside City Council

Lets show them what Glen Eira residents stand for.