Save Maya: Borderlands 3

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Maya was my favourite character from Borderlands 2, thus not only was it  disheartening when she passed, but the way in which she perished left a bitter taste in my mouth.

While I understand that not even previously playable characters are safe from death (example being Roland in Borderlands 2) and that it is suppose to either create a sense of hatred for the murderer (Troy in this case) or sense of reality; it was unfair towards the character. 

 The way in which she perished was ridiculous. The death was the cliché sacrifice for an annoying, brat character (who would not listen by the way) giving them a word of advice then turning into dust Infinity War style. This kind of death scene is too weak for a strong character like Maya.

Speaking about strong, she is a Siren. Not only does having Siren abilities make you strong in your own right, but she is often being quoted as being the strongest in the universe along side Lilith. Being this powerful should have let her been able to escape while being only weakened by Troy. 

In conclusion her death was weak and unjust. I would appreciate if she is seen alive in a future DLC or game. If you want suggestions on her resurrection, ask the fans of Borderlands.