Data privacy in India

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I have been frustrated attending calls by Banks customer executives calling us to ask for loans, Credit Cards etc.

Why there is no data policy in India and personal data had been shared to anyone anywhere. The time I will upload any detail online it may be a bank or my CV. I will start getting calls from Banks and that too not only 1 call per day, Each bank will keep on calling you and asking for personal Loan, Loan Transfer and credit card request.

WHY there is no rule in INDIA to protect our data?

WHY there is no power to each individual to decide if a company or job portal can sell their data or not?

WHY every country is involved to create new rules for DATA as future is online DATA only?

DOES INDIA lagging sufficient skills to create rule for DATA Protection?

Indian brains are involved in rules created for other country then why not for India ?

I request here a solid data protection rule in India which will allow any company , trust or Job site to sell individuals data with the permission of the person only.


I am not sure who this right person to raise this request .

Thanks for reading and supporting for DIGITAL INDIA with Secure Data sharing online with any Organizantion .



Sonu Chhajed