#GayMarriage: France takes away their #EqualRights to 11 nationalities

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#GayMarriage: France takes away their #EqualRights to 11 nationalities

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Maeva & LISE a lancé cette pétition adressée à M. Laurent Fabius (French Minister of the Foreign Affairs) et à


Maeva and Halina are in love and live together in France. Since 2008, they are united by the french civil partnership (PACS), only matrimony act allowed until this year for same sex couples. They also became mohers of a boy two years ago. In May 2013, they were happy to learn that gay marriage was finally approved in France, after month of tense debates and a violente mobilitation against egal rights. At last, they would be able to provide legal protection to their familiy and mostly, to their child. They had already chosen their wedding date. It should have taken place in the fall. Beautiful season to celebrate love.

But when Halina went to City Hall to request a marriage licence application, she was told very nicely, very politely, that it was not possible.


For Halina has a terrible tare for France: she is Polish.


Since 18th May 2013, France became the 14th country to recognise same-sex marriage. The Law, name Taubira Law because of Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice, who so energetically and eloquently guided the same-sex marriage legislation through parliament and against a violente opposition, was to open the right to marry on French territory to all couples, including foreign nationals.


A great progress indeed. Except the so-called "Mariage Pour Tous" (Wedding for All) isn't quite for all, as promisse.


A circular dated of 29 May 2013 and signed by the same Taubira, symbol of the Egal Rights, says that the same-sex couples consisting of a French and a Moroccan, an Algerian, a Tunisian, a Cambodian, a Laotian, a Slovenian, a Bosnia-Herzegovinan, a Serbian, a inhabitant of Montenegro, a Kosovian or a Polish still can not get married.

The reason? Bilateral agreements signed by France with these eleven countries in the 60’s. Those agreements state that the law applicable to the conditions of marriage is the law of the country whose the non-french citizen is from.

But in these 11 countries, marriage for same-sex couples does not exist.


This situation has never been raised during the 10 month long debates in the French Assembly and Senate.

The situation today is different from the one that gave birth to these agreements. These agreements are today a source of inequality and injustice, an intolerable discrimination in regards to the value of Equality that the is the base of the French Republic.


In the particular case of the agreement with Poland, automatically renewed every five year since it was firs signed, a termination is possible until the 1st of September 2013. After this period, hundreds of French-Polish gay couples will have to wait again five long years before, perhaps, have the right to marry. 

It is therefore urgent to act!

The French Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Justice are able to stop this discrimination by canceling these agreements. This is why we need your support to act as soon as possible.


Hundreds of families are counting on you to make sure that the French Law is valid for all French citizens without exception. 


Equalityis not a variable-sweep wing value!







Maeva & Halina, French-polish couple, civil partnership in 2008, parents of a 2 years old boy.

"We chose the date as soon as gay marriage was approved in France. We were so happy ! It was already not easy to have all the Polish papers translated and valid. But going this summer in Poland, a fall wedding, it sounded good!

Halina went to the Rennes City Hall to request a marriage licence application. That’s where they told her: "It will not be possible!”

She waited to be back to the apartment to call me and tell me the news, because she wanted to cry, Halina.

I was at work when she called me and I thought it was a joke. I think I did not understand right away, I just did not want to believe it. I had to put myself together. Life goes on, come on, nothing changes for us.

Equality? Marriage?

For some yes, but not for us. On the top of it, we felt alone, because how many same-sex French-polish couple who want to marry exist? Then who will want to help us to change the law?

What injustice! 

We thought moving to Belgium, to exile to marry! On the other side of the border, the marriage is possible after 3 months of residence only. Would we be forced to this? Flee the country? Relocate to finally be able to legally protect our family and our son? Marriage for All, really?

We started to make research to avoid moving away: what to do? Who to contact ? Our deputes? Mrs Taubira emblem and fervent support for this law?

And then we came across Lise’s article in Rue89. She was in the same situation as us and we talked about cancelling the Polish agreement before September 1st 2013!

We got sudden hope!


We established contact with Lise and we are 5 couples in the same situation to get in touch. We are no longer alone!

So to your keyboards! Before September 1st! We must mobilize and raise our voices to Mr. Laurent Fabius accepts to cancel the old agreement. Go Minister, now you must help us! "


 Agnieszka & Lise, french-polish couple, 27 and 26 years old

"Our situation is really complicated: not only are coming from different nationality, french and polish, but we also live and work in Germany.  During the last few month, we were really carefully following the discussions about opening the marriage to same-sex couples.

As I always explained to my friends, I am falling in love with a personality. It  is not really important which sex, nationality, color of skin, religion  that person has.

I have never expected that my true love will be a French girl with the most beautiful eyes in the world; but well, that what happened.  

I was happy when she told me that now we could put our relationship in the new level.

As a girl raised in a catholic country, I grow up with the idea that the only right way to live with the person you love is to get married. And that is really important for me to be married to the person I love. It is my dream to introduce my girlfriend as my Wife. To be proud of our family; that my family will be legally approved. That no one could ever tell me that what I feel for her will “go away”, that I am just in a period of trying “different stuff”.That I can demand the respect for my partner, as any other couple has. Our love is real, is not “going away.” I do not want my love to that girl to go away. I want this love to be here, strong, healthy and true as is now for the rest of our life.

I thought I couldn't asked for more. My family and friends accept her. Her familly likes me. I thought I could not asked for more but now we know that our dream will not come true. That we need to fight for our rights to be happy.

There is 7 milliard people in the world and it is not so easy to found this one and only person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. I was lucky to be able to do that. Now I just need to find a way for the rest of the world to legally allow us to love each other."



 See question from Senator Leconte sent to Mrs Taubira the consequences regarding the exclusion of 11 nationalities from Equal Rights and the reaction of ADHEOS.

Read the France 24 and the RFI article about the exclusion of the 11 nationalities.

Read other testimonies (in French) on Rue89 and Barbieturix.

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